I don't know what happens to my time.   While I am at work I think about things I could blog about; then I get home and before I know what has happened it is bed time. 

I'm losing time as if I am wandering around in Amsterdam! 

I thought I had many photos from Amsterdam but when I was looking I could only find a few!

Perhaps allergies are messing with my head! 


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  1. May be life is messing with your head spring fever is messing with your head may be I am messing with your head or may be the man servant is moving the clock and when you go to bed he is setting it back! Has the night seeming longer do you or are you getting more sleep??We all hit this periods when you feel like someone is messing with your time then all of a sudden you got extra time and can not figure where it came from! Just make a blog journal so you can write about it when time is abundant nice photos though!

  2. Many years ago I worked for the public service and they had a very cute turn of phrase which they used as a defence for not making decisions. They claimed decisions were unnecessary because we will simply be "overtaken by events"I find constantly in life that I am, despite my best intent, "overtaken by events".Perhaps that is the way it should be…..just let it flow. I am now in the habit of always having a notebook in my pocket to remind me of blog topics because my memory retention is measured in minutes rather than hours.

  3. LOL – that's too much messing with my head Jamie! Yes a little journal is a good idea – though I would have to make sure I have my glasses with me LOL – can't read a thing without glasses these days.

  4. I think now that they were downloaded onto the manservant's laptop at the time and sadly that computer was stolen last year when he was on a trip. I will have to look through DVD;s to find my back ups – I hope I backed up LOL.

  5. "Overtaken by events" – LOL, that's great – the public service has a real way with words. Using a notebook is a very good idea – I do have a little diary which I should use. I should also learn how to use the "note" function on my mobile phone! I have been known to send emails home to myself and even to ring and leave messages on our home voicemail. I think writing on the back of my hand or on my arm might work – at least I would know where to look for my notes!

  6. silly girl. i did likewise. i worship the ground van gogh walks on. i was in that museum for *hours.* and exit utterly exhausted and blissful. i have a collection of books on him and his works too (stored of course with 99% of my life in another state).

  7. For me, no artist, inc. Picasso, ever resonated with or spoke to me like van Gogh, whom I adored from a young age. So the vG museum was exceptionally special, there neither can nor will be another experience even remotely like it. Be that as it is, given his work, I can *totally* see spending hours at the Picasso museum. His works appeal to my inner mathematician. I didn't make it to Spain, instead preferring to spend my time in the northern Scandinavian climes, but if I ever return — i.e., when I win the $2 million jackpot — I'll definitely bear a visit in mind.

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