Getting on…

Illustration: Cathy Wilcox  from SMH Article

We are having people over for a barbeque this afternoon  – of course it is going to be in the mid 80's after having no spring!!

Gotta get on with stuff!  – like making ice cubes!   And, finding the sunscreen lotion!

Edited to add:   and now the people across the alley have decided today is a good day to demolish their old garage!!!  Power saws and all!

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  1. well it was a good day to hang out laundry but of course it is normal for a nice quiet Saturday afternoon to be interrupted by lots of noise, is not the perfect thing to go along with BBQ and conversation back ground noise oh wait that is back ground music, close!

  2. LOL – I thought that I should be offering them a drink – it was so hot. They did make a couple of comments about the delicious smell wafting over the fence – perhaps that did hurry them along.

  3. LOL – we had to play our jazz quite loudly. Luckily the backyards in my street don't have lawns or we might have mowers and whipper snippers out on the weekends too! We all have rotary mowers or clippers to do our front lawns and those are pretty quiet.

  4. LOL! After the construction clean up the wind must have changed and we became the flight path for helicopters heading to the nearby hospital. It was a great afternoon regardless – friends and alcohol can overcome any noise! 🙂

  5. OMG! 92 is way too hot. Not sure how warm it was here today. We were at a party all afternoon. I sat outside in the shade for awhile, but spent most of the time inside. The host had her air conditioner turned on because two of her kids have really bad allergies. Sounds like you had enough good food and drink and good company! We had a good time today, too.

  6. We've just finished our 4th hot day. We had to turn our A/c on, on Sunday as the house was just too hot. Apparently on Saturday we had the highest pollen reading we've had for 12 years (at this time of year I think they mean).

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