Still breathing…

I was standing in the queue at Marshall's this morning – having just found a great bargain shirt,  – when the lady behind me started talking to me.  I was somewhat shocked when I turned towards her to reply.

Here was a gorgeous looking lady who, for some reason, had decided her looks could be improved with thick lime green, from lashes to eyebrows, and painted-on bright pink eyebrows!  (seriously!).

I then noticed that her eyebrows were actually accessorized to her very bright pink, shiny, Victoria's Secret handbag.

While I would never agree with her on make-up we both agreed that every day we wake with some breath in our bodies is a good day!

The second flower on my orchid has bloomed: 

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  1. Nice texture on the orchid photos!
    And wow, lime green and pink?? On her face? OMG. Well I've seen some especially cheerful people wear pair those colors with clothing, and hey if they are that happy then more power to them, but our skin should be respected a bit more IMHO. 😉

  2. You know the Orchid is lovely but for some reason I really wanted a photo of this lady with the interesting choice in makeup maybe it is a spring ritual for her or maybe she was seeing how many people it took before someone was rude enough to point out her make up mistakes in public! That is why I miss the city where you get to meet all kinds of quirky people! Although I might fit into that category from time to time!

  3. Those odd folks who end up telling me more than I want to know in a "queue" 😉 sometimes turn out to be the most interesting part of my day. I always hope in the back of my mind that I don't end up being one of those people. Love your orchid shots. It reminds me of that movie by Charlie Kaufman or whatever… Adaptation??? Can't remember. It was about the guy who wrote the movie about being in John Malcovich's mind, and in the movie I'm talking about, he was played by Nicolas Cage. And he followed Meryl Streep (and some guy with missing teeth) around a swamp in regards to orchids. Anyway… beautiful shots. 🙂

  4. Thank you re the photos. I quite like lime & pink, or lime & purple fabrics but it doesn't really seem to go on the face. I wondered if I might be behind on some fashion as I don't put any makeup near my eyes I tend not to keep up with the trends. 🙂

  5. LOL – yes! Whenever I am in a queue I see or hear things that make me think "I hope I don't end up like that" ….. The movie was called The Orchid Thief and I did see it – I remember that I enjoyed it with Nicholas Cage playing two brothers (??) and I remember the toothless man!. About the same time I bought a book for my mother's birthday called "Orchid Fever: a Horticultural tale of love, lust & lunacy?" – it was a good read. People who are really "into" orchids can be a little like the people I find in queues! 🙂

  6. Thank you Gina re the photos. I do have admiration for someone comfortable enough to wear just what they want though it might not be so "acceptable" – I couldn't do it!

  7. Thank you re the photo – they were taken early morning with the early sun streaming in through the skylight and using the flash on the camera (macro setting). I hope the makeup was easily washed off LOL… I know someone who had eyeliner and lipstick tattoo-ed on so she could get out of bed in the mornings looking good!

  8. Oooooooooooooooooooo…those orchids are luscious!!!Lovely pictures of them. That lady's makeup sounds truly fascinating. Wow. Was she young? Old? In between?And it's neat that you shared a conversation. People really do have a lot in common…Wonderful post!

  9. Thank you Robbie. 🙂 She was probably about 50… old enough to have gone through the rebel teenager stage. Maybe she is starting on the "I'm old enough to not care what you think" stage! LOL.

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