Dragging while I wait

I'm dragging a bit this morning ….  a late night last night and a dreary, rainy morning make me want to stay in bed. But, I had to get up because someone scheduled our Peapod (grocery) delivery in the 8-10 am window.  Of course they did not come at 8am or 9am and now not 9.30.  They probably won't be here at 10am either!

We had dinner, last night, with another couple at a Latin American restaurant.  They were late which gave us a chance to sample the Pisco Sour (verdict: very good),  and to admire the art for sale which adorned the walls. 

We had not been to this restaurant before though it is only one metro stop away.  The tables filled up quickly after I took the photos.   For my meal I had two items from the Tapas menu;  Pimiento Relleno (stuffed pepper/capsicum) and stuffed avocado;  the manservant had chicken mole and our friends both had steak.  We washed it down with some very nice Argentinian wine.

We bribed our friends to drive us home with the offer of coffee and Lindt chocolates – and a bit more wine.

I wish the groceries would come so I could snuggle down on the couch!

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  1. Awwww, it is dreary today isn't it? I got up late, mainly because it was so dark I thought it was still pre-dawn..Did the guy show up yet?Peapod!! love that name!Those pictures are wonderful…very beautiful, atmospheric, etc.Chicken mole — is that the one with chocolate?I hope you get to curl up on the sofa soon!

  2. Yes – If I had not set my alarm I would still be asleep.. It is supposed to clear this afternoon. The name Peapod makes me smile (there is a label of maternity clothes called Peapod also)….. they are part of Giant supermarkets and are great for those of us who don't have cars.

  3. It is a cool place and pretty reasonably priced. If we didn't want to eat we could sit at the bar – we will be going back. The delivery guy has just been. Now I can slack off from looking alert!

  4. Yay! As for the place, I like the kinds of places where I can actually hear my mates. I've been to so many places where the music or the crowds are so loud the whole night I'm just sitting there completely lost!

  5. Oh what a shame about your restaurant! There was a big stack of pictures in one corner so maybe they rotate them. It would be a great place to open an exhibition.

  6. Chicken mole – I've a dear friend who ravishes the dish. (I, on the other hand, blech.) Wonder whether the art is by a local artist. It's cool when place display work by the locals.

  7. is it not fun waiting for things and to be waiting for grocery's that would suck, and being a regular customer they should be able to at least be consistent on deliveries! Looks like a nice restraint but I have heard of high chairs but what do they need the latter for some special? and if you can eat it all you get your meal for free!

  8. sounds like dinner was nice. when I was there we dinned at a few places but I really enjoyed 'Ten Pen' .
    do u like pea pod? I remember I wanted to place an order with them some years back and they would not deliver to my zip code. they said it was too far from where they load their trucks. maybe it's changed since then – that was about 7 years ago.

  9. What a lovely restaurant….J and I love tapas and Argentinian wine sounds great, in fact I think I've had it, that and New Zealand wine is my favorite. I can't stand delivery people lying like that, it's so annoying, like no I don't have anything else to do! LOL. Nothing like getting up when it's damp and dark 😛

  10. I once went to a demonstration on the making of traditional chicken mole – presented by the Smithsonian and demonstrated by some Mexican ladies. It is very time consuming to do it properly – something I am not likely to do. The best mole I have had was in a restaurant in Los Angeles. Yes, the art was by locals and yes it is for sale. Along the wall behind the bar they had some interesting framed photographs and in another corner they had some handpainted/decorated chairs.

  11. I noticed the manifest of the driver and saw that he had 21 deliveries to do and I was number 12 on his run for the day. They are usually pretty good and ring if they are going to be later than half an hour. I wondered about the ladder in the restaurant but then I saw that they have their wine shelves going up that high that they need the ladder to get the top bottles.

  12. I love Peapod. Before them I used HomeRuns until they went broke. I'm not sure that many people in my neighbourhood use peapod though my next door neighbour asked about them after seeing the truck come every week. Taxi Takeout (a restaurant delivery service) will not deliver to our zip code – very frustrating as that means we are limited to a few chinese places and generic pizza.

  13. Repair people are the worst for saying they will come at x time and then not coming until hours later or not at all. I like wines from the Marlborough region of New Zealand. I hope you throw in some Australian wines sometimes 🙂

  14. I am really happy with Peapod. They take all the coupons that supermarkets take and have the same sales as Giant supermarket. There is a $50 minimum order and there is a delivery charge $7-$10 depending on the order. When I had my leg in the cast the driver would carry the bags into my kitchen and put them up on the benches – generally I am healthy enough to have them just put them inside the front door. It would be excellent for elderly or disabled people – I have only ever had polite and helpful drivers.

  15. I am surprised to see how lush our little bit of front lawn is getting considering how cold it still is. It needs mowing!!! It seems that when a lawn needs mowing it should be warm!

  16. That would be interesting. The homemade that takes hours is sure to be better than the product in the jars off the supermarket shelf. It'd be fun to compare the two. Then promptly throw the jar into the trash. ;D

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