I took these two photos the other day when we went down to the Tidal Basin.  It amused me to see these people  crouching and lying in the mud to get shots of a relatively small patch of tulips. 

 I admit to having some lens envy – there were some really nice cameras on display.   A general observation during our walk was that Canon was the prominent brand followed by Nikon.   I also noted that these "big" cameras were out early and as it got later more "point and shoots" arrived.

Later, I was bemoaning to the manservant that I wished I had taken some photos of the actual tulips -  so there was a feeling of synchronicity when a couple, we had invited for dinner, arrived with a lovely bunch of tulips for me.  As I was entertaining myself with them and a camera the manservant offered to go and get me some dirt  to kneel on to make it seem more authentic.  I am happy with the results I got whilst standing on carpet!!


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  1. Wow, people go crazy for tulips in your neck of the woods don't they? My big camera is a Canon, there was a special offer on when I was buying which meant I could get a really decent Canon one for the price of a lower spec Nikon. All I need to do now is learn how to use the thing properly and away we go!

  2. We have a Tulip festival up in Skagit Valley in a couple of weeks. People pay to get trudged thru all the tulip farms and look at all the flowers. I think that's kind of silly, but will admit it's beautiful when all those fields are in bloom. But you can take pretty pictures from the side roads for free, and not deal with all the mud. Lens envy: I was at my son's concert a few weeks ago, in the small performing arts center building and the woman next to me pulls out a camera with a lens the size of the bottom half of my leg and starts taking pictures of her kid. I thought it was hilarious. We were something like 10 rows back in a 20 row building.

  3. I thought of this post as we drove past a most beautiful daffodil field on the way to the hospital for the scan. I thought about, if I were able, squatting to take a shot across the top of the field for the color. Talk about people bending themselves into all kinds of shapes! LOL Gunderson bee's seen the tulip traffic during the festival. It can get hilarious!

  4. He sounds like the perfect smart ass! And so nice to offer you some dirt to get the full experience like that!Although I think you probably got nicer shots then if you had tried it in the mud also with the big cameras many times you wish you had a point n shoot then when you have the point n shoot it is time you wish you had the bigger camera! Although Canon has a new one out I would love to have Canon-5d-mark-II, that longer lens on a DSLR is nice to have

  5. Beautiful pictures!I see the same thing downtown- though we are lucky enough to have bunches of blossoming tulips everywhere! Maybe I should take the camera out of hibernation..

  6. LOL – I know what you mean – I've had mine for a couple of years now and still mostly use it on the auto setting. I need to sit down with the book and start experimenting.

  7. I have peonies in my garden which are sprouting up through the dirt. I must plant some bulbs this year – the previous owner only had peonies as they basically fill up my little plot of dirt in the back. I suppose I will have to dig some of them up before I plant anything I would like.

  8. LOL… I can imagine whole fields of poppies must be a glorious sight but I'm not sure I would pay to trudge through them. This was such a small (and sort of straggly) plot that it made me laugh to see all these people taking it so seriously. LOL your lens story. There was one guy, under the cherry trees, with three huge cameras around his neck … and a very bored looking wife at his back!

  9. LOL – I didn't have to display my butt or get my knees dirty! The daffodil field must have been gorgeous – all that happy yellow! In Australia we have a weed, called Patterson's Curse (also called Salvation Jane), there can be whole paddocks of gorgeous purple colour.

  10. LOL – imagine how annoyed I would've been at having to vacuum it up!! I would like to have a zoom lens but then I would also like to have a macro …… I will have to do a fair bit of saving up before I get either of them! Point & Shoots are improving all the time – there was only one day in Italy that I used my Canon, the rest of the holiday photos were taken with my P&S (it was much easier to handle with my walking stick!).

  11. Thank you. I'm glad I missed the muddy experience too! I think I will make it my goal to plant bulbs this year too. The previous owner filled the garden with peonies – they are beautiful, but it would be nice to have some variety.

  12. Canon and Nikon make quality products. (My printer's a Canon, I love it. Many years ago I switched to Canon after Epson, which is what I'd owned previously, slid downhill. Much better products, Canon, in my experience …)

  13. I am Canon through and through. My point & shoot and my "big" camera are both canon and so is my printer and my scanner. I have found them all to be very reliable and resilient. I think it would take a lot to get me to change my loyalty.

  14. When the peonies finish this year I will dig some up and separate them – I can send you some bulbs then. I certainly have plenty!! 🙂 Last year I had weeks and weeks of cut peonies in vases and even gave some to my neighbour.

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