Blossoms in the wind


We got up early yesterday to go and walk around the Tidal Basin.  Gates at the Inlet Bridge allow the basin to fill with water  from the Potomac River at high tide and then at low tide the water empties through the Outlet Bridge.  This tidal driven action is what gives the basin its name.  Around the Basin is a path lined with cherry blossom trees.  This circular path is 2.1 miles long.   The blooming of the cherry trees basically opens the tourist season in DC and they estimate that  nearly 1 million people go to see the trees in bloom.  

The cherry trees were a gift from Mayor Yukio Ozaki of Tokyo.  3,020 cherry trees arrived in DC on March 26th 1912.  On March 27th the first two trees were planted by Helen Herron Taft and the wife of the then Japanese Ambassador, Viscountess Chinda.  Between 1913 and 1920 workmen continued planting the trees around the Tidal Basin.

Wanting to beat the crowds we left home before 7am and got down to the Basin a little later than we would've hoped – due to the metro not opening until 7 and then having a 15 minute wait for the first train.-  how pathetic is that!  It was windy and the air was filled with pollen and blossoms and the path was already fairly crowded:  

We walked in the anti-clockwise direction -  that way I would not be accidentally pushed into the dirty water.. 

The Jefferson Memorial can be seen along the way: 

The Washington Monument stands majestically: 

By the time we had walked around the basin, the wind had increased so that there were almost waves on the water:  

It was actually quite difficult to get any good macro shots – combination of no tripod and wind -  luckily I had a spare hand to hold some blossoms still:  


  More tomorrow …..  

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35 responses

  1. The problem of big cities too many people get the same idea!Great Photos there is something just so awwwing about nature and its beauty I just can not get enough of its beauty!Love the photos too bad with all the people but the joy of city life!

  2. WOWEEE!!! thank you for the great tour!!!! It's so nice that someone else (you……..) did all the walking and avoiding falling into the tidal basin. It was that crowded that early? Yikes.Gorgeous gorgeous pictures…………..!!!!!

  3. That's why I wanted to get up early to beat the crowds but I was thwarted by the damn metro not opening until 7. I was pretty surprised by that. They really are beautiful – no matter how many years you see them blooming.

  4. Thank you Morgat – perhaps one day you will get to see them. They have been here for so long now that I am sure they will be here for many, many more years.

  5. You should have seen the crowds by the time we left! 🙂 Tour buses started pulling up about 8.30. There were times near the end of our walk that we had to stand to the side to let oncoming people get passed on the path.

  6. LOL – I thought of you when we woke to blue skies. It was incredibly windy though – I wondered if there would be any blossoms left by the end of the day.

  7. Ours is so pretty….all full and round and a beautiful red color. It has tiny baby leaves right now. We actually had snow showers today and it's supposed to get down to freezing tonight….but I'm really hoping it doesn't get cold enough to damage the leaves. The year before last she had almost no leaves all summer. I gave her a really good pruning last fall, so as long as it doesn't get too cold she'll be really full this summer too.

  8. I've done the pruning every since we moved here and only held back the year before last because I thought it might stress the tree too much, but as it turned out it was more stressful for it not to be pruned. This one has very narrow, almost willowy branches on the tips so it's really easy to prune as long as I can get to them.

  9. Wow, wow, wow. Tidal
    Basin! What a beautiful place Tidal Basin is! Your photos of cherry blossoms are sooooo beautiful & great!!I learned the story of the Sakura in English class when I was a "pretty" junior high school student. I wish I were there in this beautiful season…

  10. Thank you so much! The water certainly adds another tranquil element to the blossoms. The entire area smells perfumed. Your blossom photos have been gorgeous too. 🙂

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