It was 5.1 surround sound coughing on one of my trains this morning. From the dry cough to the I'm-dying now cough. The ride is 15 minutes long.   I can not hold my breath that long so I sat there unwillingly inhaling all these microscopic germs.   Glaring at people who were not covering their mouth and noting the surfaces that those who had covered their mouth with a hand, had then touched.   I have seen people on the train wearing disposable gloves  -  I used to laugh at them.   During the time of SARS  I saw people wearing masks. Today I wished I had a mask and the gloves!    I'm sure people are not aware of how far their spittle flies. 


Don't you wish that you could edit people as they speak – without it seeming rude?  I was listening to someone tell me a very long story today that involved a lot of tangents, backtracking and correcting on their part and as I tried to maintain an interested expression I thought how nice it would be if their brain was in editing mode before a jumble popped out of their mouth. God forgive me but I may even have thought "God, this is boring"  more than a few times. It was such a struggle for me not to say "think about what you want to say before you attempt to say it" (sounds like something my father used to say to us).    It was an incredible struggle not to yawn.  But, I did get my shopping list complete in my head and I'm pretty sure I didn't miss much of the essence of the story.

Tonight my mind is quieted by my emerging orchid:  


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  1. *puts on mask and sprays area around Emjay with an antimicrobial concoction* LOL… That's soo true about wanting to be able to edit people! I love how you describe it. Wow…at least you got your list planned.and the people who cough and sneeze, etc. —GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Your orchid pictures are EXQUISITE!!!! (try not to sneeze on the bloom…)

  2. I hate to be one of those people who always has a story related to the one you're telling, but your flying spittle anecdote truly resonates today–read the post–and I hate to say it but I am related to people who talk like that! Drives me bonkers. Amen sister, amen. Love the Orchid, btw.

  3. I didn't miss public transportation at all. I didn't mind taking it years ago and thought of it as an adventure but now when I'm forced to take a train can't help but think how public it really is. *hands Emjay a sars mask and gloves from purse*

  4. I usually say to people – can I just have the short version please
    My checkout lady – I have the same one every week, always coughs on her hand then handles my food. It bothers me very much.

  5. It never ceases to amaze me at how many people are rude enough to cough or sneeze without covering their mouths. It's no wonder so many things go around! Love the shots of the emerging orchid.

  6. LOL – yeah there is nothing more public than public transport. I try not to touch anything on the trains but that's hard if you have to stand. The first thing I do when I get to work or back home is scrub my hands.

  7. Thank you re the photos Gina – it is going to be pretty if all the buds on the stem all come out. I'm surprised we are not sick all the time! It must be tough for people with weaker immune systems.

  8. Yes you have to give it up for places like china and Japan where if you are sick you go out wearing a mask! Also I laugh at recent posters I have seen as kids we were tough to cover our mouth with our hands to not spread germs which I found funny now I see they have you covering your mouth with your arm or coat sleeve, finally some one with common seance has updated that thought! As for the person who thoughts jumped there tracks I hate that and I know I have at times had it happen to me but usually am smart enough to shut up or ask for help if that happens, I know it can be a yawn festival and I have to excuse myself, your a better person then I, I would have wanted to grab them with both hands and shake them saying what is your point over and over in a half joking half serious tone!

  9. I once read a long list of all the substances that had been found on and in public transport seats (ie actually in the fabric as well as on, under and between the seats) – some of it was just absolutely disgusting. I try not to think about any of that whenever I'm on buses or trains, which is often as I don't have a car. Luckily I've got a very good immune system.PS. Your orchid is gorgeous.

  10. That was an aweful experience you had on the train! Some people are really quite inconsiderate. It's a good idea to keep a mask ready on such an occasion. People do seem to get worse and worse by the year. Manners, minds, and souls, everything is declining. It's a sad fact! Your orchid photos do seem extremely purifying and cleansing after such an ordeal.

  11. Yes Asian countries are much more aware and generally much more polite. Hopefully at this time of year the sniffles are a result of allergies here rather than something more serious. There is nothing worse than having a cold in warm weather.

  12. LOL monkey mind – I love that expression!! Next time this person waffles on I might say "oh I see you have a monkey mind today" and see if that stops them. 🙂

  13. Thank you re the flower photos. Yes, I have read good things about Echinacea – I have never tried it though. I'm a big fan of Vitamin C to keep me healthy.

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