I met a friend for brunch this morning in downtown DC.    I had my photo taken 6 times that I know of….    It occurred to me that when you live in a place frequented by tourists you need to look presentable and personable as you go about your every day life. 

I imagine someone like Cat going through their photos in years to come and pointing out and laughing at the cranky looking woman in weird clothes.  Somebody just on the edge of the frame who is looking a little on the edge herself!!

I have been known to get up way before the tourists just to get photos without people in them.  These were taken early morning last spring:  

Today was the beginning of the Cherry Blossom Festival – the coming week is supposedly the peak blooming time.  I see an early morning next Saturday! (that's the plan anyway).

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  1. It's cherry blossom time! (sigh of nostalgia) I miss "doing" them every year, but oh, the crowds! You're smart to go early and I hope you have lovely weather next Saturday. Love the early morning light in these photos.

  2. Yes – those crowds block up my trains and annoy those of us who have to get to/from work! Tourists are so identifiable! LOL. I hope the weather is nice too.

  3. The early morning rise to photography things or there were times I would get up at 1am in the morning and go out and photography things that only the existing light would make so much of the photo! but it is interesting that I should try and get to some of these places I used to travel past when I got up at 5am to go to work but never had the camera with me!But a photos of cherry blossoms would make a great photo and some times it is worth it just to be by oneself to enjoy a bit of nature or even a place of concert and steel!

  4. The other day I was remembering that it's coming into cherry blossom season in japan, which there is a national cultural event with parties and celebrations and everyone out with his or her camera. And there it's like a weather report, whereby the news reports daily on the full blossoming of the trees, starting in the south, where they come into bloom first, and moving northward. So after that, I guess I find it kinda hard to get excited about the D.C. blossoms, though very pretty indeed they are!!

  5. I was in DC last year during cherry blossom season. I didn't go downtown but there was a local street with a magnificent display and I've got some gorgeous photos taken there. Then after the cherry blossoms came the azaleas. I've never seen azaleas like it before.

  6. Been to the Lilac fest alot before, too many people for me now, getting out, it gets packed traffic. But we do have 3 lovely trees. Will be posting sometime.The Cherry Blossoms are gorgeous.

  7. LOL – that's an interesting assignment. I think I would be arrested if I pulled blossoms off the tress around the Tidal Basin, but perhaps I can find some on a street somewhere.

  8. Thank you T. I have told the manservant to expect an early rise on Saturday – I really want to get there before the crowds. (perhaps I should take a day off work during the week. LOL).

  9. My grandfather used to get up before dawn to take black and white photos – the light is so much softer without the harsh sun. I have taken some beautiful sunrise photos in Hawaii – they are on "film" so one day I will have to organise myself to scan them.

  10. Oh- I can imagine that wave of blossoming across Japan! Here they have a blossom report on the news each night but of course it is only relating to DC. We have about 3,750 trees in a fairly small area so the air is beautifully perfumed around the Tidal Basin.

  11. I have a "thing" about having people I don't know in my photos LOL. It's like I expect monuments to be totally uninteresting to anyone else! I think I just got a bit unnerved yesterday at how many people had cameras out and were happily snapping away. Next time we will meet in a neighbourhood!

  12. Oooooooooooo those pictures are really BEAUTIFUL!!!Nice to see the places without people; how early do you need to start before the tourists flock?And LOL re your being shot 6 times…how did you resist the urge to stick out your tongue?

  13. I thought you might have meant California because when I Googled lilac festival most of the results were for CA. I guess my little courtyard would be too small for one then.

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