A Perceived Reality


The following call was the highlight of my day at the switchboard:

Me:  Good morning;  abc company.

CallerIs this abc company?

Yes, this is abc

Are  you hiring?

No, I'm sorry we do not have any open positions at the moment.

Okay -  well, what's your zip code?


What's your name?

Emjay -  (spelling)  E- M- J- A-Y

Can you spell that?


E M  G ??  what?


What's your job?


Assistant Manager?

No – Receptionist.

Oh -  a perceptionist!  



the doctrine that asserts knowledge as relative to sensory perception. — perceptionist, n.


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29 responses

  1. You might have let a potentially valuable staff member slip through your fingers there Emjay. ;-)The confused language reminds me that once I had a job compiling supply orders for remote cattle stations and a written order came in for "ermovative labels" I called them on the outstation radio network querying what the hell it was. He said "you know the ones you can take off and put back on again" I asked "Removable labels?" Reply; "Yeah, thats what I ordered"For the last 30 years whenever someone says "removable" I automatically think "ermovative".

  2. Yes – I sometimes wonder how deep that well of patience is! LOL – I have been known to make childish faces at callers safe in the knowledge that they can't see me.

  3. You know Gof the thought that I might have let a talented person go has kept me awake at night! LOL – ermovative – that is really difficult to say out loud!

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