Fling with Spring ….


Yesterday we had a little fling with spring.   The temperature rose to the low 70's and it was still 67 when I got home from work – warm enough to enjoy a glass of wine out on the deck whilst watching my neighbours getting home from their day.

I noticed that my hydrangeas have started to shoot and the day lily bulbs are bursting through the dirt;  the rose bushes have the start of tiny new growth and some plants are never going to have a comeback.

When we were leaving the apartment block I found a tin pail in the rubbish room with a sad looking orchid in it.   I brought it to our new house and re-potted it.  It didn't seem to be recovering so I put it out on the deck and basically forgot about it.   The poor thing struggled along on its own and when I was bringing my plants inside for the winter I couldn't leave it out by itself even though I doubted it would see this spring.

Well, was I wrong!!   I had put it in the second bedroom which has a skylight and after a month I noticed a new "growth"  -  I thought it was some sort of sucker root -  a little like mangrove trees have. 

Yesterday I realised that my orchid is going to have flowers!!   How exciting!  Now I have to make a conscious effort to continue neglecting it!

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  1. It does sound like spring has made an appearance there! I noticed that I now have one daffodil in bloom with three or four more on their way. The roses are showing new growth – but everything that I thought was dead has remained that way. Congrats on your orchid!

  2. It was only spring for one day – but at least it was a taste of what's to come soon! LOL – your dead things are probably like my dead things….. I have broken twigs off looking for a bit of green inside and nope – cripsy brown all the way through!

  3. believe it or not, "neglect it" really is the way to care for some variations of orchids. Which is why I can never throw away orchid plants, not even the one's I'm 100% certain are dead – cause I had 1 of those come back to life too!I didn't think "neglect" included this kind (I have to look up the name at home) but I'm obviously wrong.Congrats!

  4. I always love the strangeness of plants and how some people just seem to get even a dead looking twig to grow while others pour there heart and soul and buy everything they can to feed and nourish a plant and it never amounts to anything!I remember neglecting a plant trying to kill it but it keep growing and growing and finally I gave it away to someone who loved it to death!Looks like you have a green thumb as they say!

  5. how incredibly exciting! that's blog-worthy material for sure! as you know (?), i have a black thumb and am still grieving the loss of Jade and can totally imagine the thrill and joy of discovering *life* risen from the ashes. enjoy!

  6. Ha – I've had phoenix plants like that too – looks like this critter will keep you busy! Sprng has a way of confirming life. Glad the weather has cooperated a bit for you!

  7. This orchid is a phalaenopsis, certainly one of the most easy orchid to support.Generally those flowers growing in warm climate dislike dry air. They do not need a lot of care. Simply some drop of water once a week. During the winter it is good to keep them in a colder room. This colder room stress them a little and encourage them to bloom. Then they need about 20 to 25° degrees for blooming and also a good light exposure. Notice that you have to avoid direct light. For myself orchids are my favorites flowers. I have a phalaenopsis bloomed since mid of january and others blooms are opening soon. Orchids are wonderful flowers ! Take care of it !

  8. I was so excited to see the little green shoots in the garden. It is still down around the freezing point at night so it is too early to take my potted plants back outside yet I think. I won't put the orchid outside again now that I know how much it likes the second bedroom!

  9. It sounds as though you have/had a few orchids. Have you read the book "Orchid Fever: a Horticultural tale of love, lust & lunacy?" (I gave it to my mother a few years ago but I read it first – it was a good read).

  10. Yes – I seem to have successfully killed the plants that I paid a lot of money for but the ones I got either half dead from a clearance table or found thrown away, have done really well!

  11. Thank you WB – it is exciting. I also discovered that the poor little Bay Tree (laurel) which had rust, and whose leaves I had cut ff because they were affected, has tiny new shoots. I hope the little plant you recently found is doing well.

  12. Congratulations! You must sort of feel like a new mom again. 🙂 Please send a little more warmth from me to your orchid baby. I only have a pot of scallions growing and a pot of I don't know what's it called plant flourishing. I should be ashamed of saying this… Good spring time is definitely here though.

  13. Never heard of it. I'll have to check that out.I belonged to the local Orchid Society for a season but was only able to attend 1 meeting. My ex's mother used to own an orchid nursery and still keeps hundreds of delicate orchids in a very schmancy nursery that was custom built into her home ('mansion').

  14. I think I might try some scallions this year. All my herbs did so well last year that I am inspired to put even more in this year. Wish it would hurry up and get warm enough to actually go out in the garden!

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