Deaf – not Death….

Thank you all for your concern for my neighbour.   It is hard to know if to intervene when a person has family already looking for them.
But, I am happy to report that Ms S is okay.   She has lost her cell phone – the only phone she has.  She didn't feel like going to work the other day and had no phone to call them.   Tonight she is sitting in there with her television blaring so loudly it is almost vibrating my walls!
She thinks she was just having an early night when her niece came knocking…….. 
Thank goodness she is suffering from deafness not deathness! 

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  1. That's good to know. ( I don't think I left a comment, but I read about Ms. S right before falling asleep, and dreaming of a small old lady lying in a bath, asleep, while people threw stones at her window.)

  2. LOL – old people are a bit of a worry! Actually I learnt today that she is only 61 which is not as old as it used to be – but she does seem older somehow.

  3. well that is almost good but sometimes people like that never learn the lesion that there is a bit of responsibility that they have to put forward to make sure people who care about them do not end up worried so much!she should have like idiot mittens the one you give kids with the string that goes from one to the other through there coat but put the cell phone on it so she dose not loose it

  4. Actually, she told me that her son is coming over this w/end to install an intercom system at the front door with monitor things in the back rooms (downstairs & up) and in the bathroom. She has ordered a new cell phone and she is going to give me her brother and her son's numbers – so now we should be set!

  5. LOL yes! She apparently had some tablets and went to bed at 6pm. (I did not ask what sort of tablets but obviously they gave her a good sleep!). πŸ™‚

  6. But who does not call work when they aren't coming in? Especially in these times…she may have lots of time to watch LOUD tv soon if she keeps that attitude going!
    Glad your concern and worry is lifted too.

  7. She's 61? That's not old! My mother is older than that, but she doesn't act old. She still has her Razor scooter and goes out to play with the grandkids. I even think I act older than she does. Glad she's not dead. That sounds awful, but you know what I mean. πŸ™‚

  8. Glad all is okay!After spending the last week not answering the door or phone, cause I knew it was never anyone I cared to acknowledge, I suppose I'm in no position to comment on someone else going MIA for awhile.

  9. Glad Ms S was ok. I too read the ending before the mystery. You have the same kindness for people as does Cat. Ms S sounds like quite a character I would like to see a pic of her in her bike shorts and bikini

  10. She seems so much older than 61 as she shuffles along. The closer I get to it the younger it seems! I love the image of your mother on a Razor – that's fabulous!

  11. I never answer the phone and rarely the door unless I am expecting anyone. I guess that means no-one will notice any difference if something happens to me!

  12. I think she has 3 or 4 televisions in there and puts them all on at the same time on the same station to give surround sound!. That way she doesn't miss anything as she moves room to room. LOL

  13. I figure since I no longer have the neighbors who worried about me, the only way someone will know something happened to me is when I've been absent from work for 3 days and they try to fire me.About a year ago, I was sick for about a week – the back door to my house open the entire time and my neighbor (the one with the barking dog), who can see the open door and that my car hasn't moved, never bothered to see if I was okay.

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