Where did this come from?


When I got home last evening the poor manservant was out on the footpath chipping away at the snow which had turned into ice while he was at work.   Our neighbours must have had the day off work as their footpaths were beautifully cleaned.  

Not wanting to disturb him (and really just not wanting to keep him company in the severe cold)  I poured myself a glass of wine and wandered around checking things out from inside.  I noticed that our deck had heaps & heaps of snow on it  – far more than appeared to be on the road and ground.  If it wasn't so perfect I would think our neighbours had shovelled their snow over the fence!   

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  1. now that is some nice snow, and some lovely cool temps as well, this is why you learn to appreciate any and all summer or warmer conditions like plus 1degrees enjoy the snow because when it is gone you will miss it!

  2. I'm envious, I really am. Will you trade 8 inches of our rainfall for a foot of your snow? By FedEx of course. Hope you were the Good Wife holding a glass of wine for the hubby when he walked in.

  3. The snow was piled up against a gauze door so it was not touching the glass (that's a door out to the deck). We've had snow piled against our front storm door without cracking it, but it seems to be made of very thick double glass.

  4. It ranged between 8 and 10 inches. So funny because the ground only got 6 inches!! Perhaps the snow on the deck had not compressed in any way – it was light and fluffy.

  5. You mean humans actually survive in these sorts of conditions?(from one condemned to live forever in the tropics ;-)The pictures are quite beautiful.

  6. Thank you re the photos Gof. LOL – this Aussie finds it a bit tough putting up with these conditions! Though in all seriousness I would prefer the cold to the tropics – maybe not too cold though!

  7. Most of it melted away today as the temp reached 50. It is meant to be in the 50's tomorrow which should do away with the rest of it. Then … bring on spring!!

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