Measurable at last


Just when we thought winter was on its way out, a storm blew through and we got our first real measurable snow of the season!  Our weather man was very happy  - and he seemed almost sad to report that we might get temperatures around the 60's by the weekend.     





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  1. Beautiful photos – for some reason it reminds me of Georgetown even though I haven't been there since I was a teen. (Maybe I'm just remembering wrong)

  2. Finally!!? You can have it all now, Im sooo done with winter! ;o)We missed that big Nor'easter here,but been freakin cold!Slowly finally supposed to warm up day by day.

  3. Ouch – your poor foot. Don't you have kids coming around begging to shovel for money? We had a couple knock on the door and offer to shovel for $10. If the manservant wasn't here I would take them up on it.

  4. LOL – I'm not sure I could cope with that length of time under snow. It might be the coldest night here in a very long time tonight. I'm not sure I have enough clothes to wear tomorrow morning to stay warm and still be able to move!

  5. LOL- my company has a "motto": we never close! In the 8.5 years I have worked there we have closed twice – 9/11 we closed after the plane crashed into the Pentagon but we were open the next day. We also closed the day that a hurricane was coming up the coast from the Carolinas – but only because the metro was not running!

  6. There was quite a bit of black ice this morning. Tonight I took note of the wet patches on my route because they are going to be black ice tomorrow morning. I saw a guy fall over this morning on a patch – he bounced back up pretty quickly.

  7. It is similar to Georgetown – but at least half a million cheaper! Georgetown is "trendy"; we are "transitional". Georgetown has expensive shopping; we have a Safeway that could only be described as "ghetto"…….. We get the same weather though! 🙂

  8. LOL! That's a cool description! It had heaps of snow on it when I got home from work yesterday (I posted photos today). It would make a funky sound I think!

  9. Oh – I hope it warmed up for you… we are about to have the coldest night maybe in 43 years! I'm not looking forward to heading out tomorrow morning. I bet you miss San Diego when it is winter in upstate New York!

  10. woa, thats alot of responses to write replies to your commenters…humm I wonder how many will reply back.Not yet! ;o( Starting Thursday, 40's then high 40's but its better then 10 right now!Oh yeah, winter is cool for about 1 Month! thats it.

  11. They are forecasting 60's for us on Saturday and 70 on Sunday! San Diego winter weather! LOL. I think that very few people actually ever reply back to the response – only if they disagree LOL.

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