Stroking out ……


I went to a new doctor last week because the lovely lady I have been going to for 8 years no longer takes our pathetic insurance. 

I wanted to talk about hormones …

My blood pressure was a scary 150-something over 110.   The doctor was very blunt in telling me that I was in "imminent danger" of having a stroke.

After discussing my hormones she wanted to check my blood pressure again and she made sure that she reiterated the whole stroke thing and threw in some blood clot danger as well.   

I started to cry as she was putting the cuff around my arm.  She asked really sharply: "is something else going on today?"

Aah – you mean there could be something more upsetting than being told you are about to have a stroke, right here, right now! 

I will be looking for another new doctor…..

*Note:  I have "white coat syndrome"  when it comes to having my blood pressure taken.  If I am really comfortable with the person taking it (like a nurse) I give a normal reading – the instant a doctor comes near me it rises!   I have a machine at home to monitor myself.  After recording a perfectly normal BP every morning for 4 weeks I took the machine with me to my (old) doctor and we compared readings.  My machine was within a point of the doctor's machine -  and there in the office I had high blood pressure.  I suppose once I find a doctor with better bedside manner I will be taking my machine in to prove to them that outside their office my blood pressure is perfectly fine!      

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  1. What an awful way for a doctor to be!!!
    Good grief. When my BP was 163 over something or other, my wonderful doctor just said you're going to have to go on blood pressure medication now (he'd been hinting about it for a while). No scare tactics, and he was very careful to prescribe something that he thought I could tolerate easily.
    I really really hope you can find someone that sees you as a person not just as a clinical symptom.
    Take care of you…

  2. When I was in the hospital, one night taking my blood pressure with one of the automatic kept the pressure up, filling filling..filling up..oh shit this thing ain't stopping! As I yelled to the nurse. Disconnected it..dang! Then she wanted to do it over, im like nooo way! I hate those things!

  3. UGH!! I DESPISE bad docs – had enough for that to be a very well formed opinion!!]I used to escort a friend to our doc's and would ask him to come in without his lab coat on. The combo reduced her issues. If you have a friend with time, you might try that.

  4. I suffer from white coats syndrome too – SURPISE! I have to take my blood pressure for several days at home before going to the doctor so I can report to her what it is! I have to take blood pressure tablets (2 different ones)…I inherited my Dad's bad genes plus I am a high anxiety person. LIfe is grand isn't it – just don't have a stroke over a possible stroke please!

  5. yeah, pretty common, i've read, for blood pressure to register higher in doctors' offices. if you wanna ward off that imminent danger of stroke {teasing}, both coenzyme 10 and fish oil capsules have been found to be excellent. Also good for the memory, fish oil capsules. {now what was I saying? …}

  6. Looks like she might have missed the module at med school on 'bedside manner'. What a witch! There's ways and means to break things to someone and announcing to someone with raised blood pressure that they are going to have a stroke this week isn't what I would class as sensible.

  7. ah memories. I remember siting on the lounge after a particularly stressful morning with father, pumping away furiously on mothers blood pressure machine, just checking that I wasn't about to drop there and then. The one thing that'll do it for me is a pap smear. My blood pressure goes through the roof before that.

  8. Many doctors seem to despise people in general. Reminds me of an MD, who left a message on my answering machine: "You have an incurable virus, please come here this afternoon." I have to admit, I was a bit shaky, when I arrived…It turned out to be quite harmless, which I learned only after doing some research. His definition wasn't very helpful: "Well, it's a virus – like herpes, or Aids."

  9. My dad was a doctor and my mom was a nurse. When I was growing up, I rarely had to go outside my family for medical care. By BP was so high at my first doctor's visit after moving away from home. I went home and called my dad to tell him about it. He assured me that I didn't have high BP – just "white coat syndrome". That was the first I'd ever heard of it. I still react that way until I feel more comfortable with the doctor or nurse. I hope you can find a doctor that understands!

  10. Grr, what a terrible doctor! By the way, the local Safeway here has a free blood pressure tester at the back beside the pharmacy section. I love it. Have never seen anything like that in Aus.

  11. Eek! That doctor sounds like she missed a calling in law enforcement or something.
    I have an aversion to doctors, too. I gear myself up for the blood pressure check with deep, slow breathing during that interminable wait in the examining room. Not sure if it works with bringing down otherwise high pressure but it makes me feel better.

  12. Wow, I can't believe the doctor reacted that way with you….just the way he handled it could have raised your blood pressure even more!! I think you're right on in finding another doctor. Hope everything works out ok! (((hugs)))

  13. When I had my silent heart attack and I asked the doctor about it he told me I would have know if I had a heart attack! apparently not they had to do that scope thing! But that only goes to the problems with doctors, your probably like I have been lately a bit more emotional which can cause some real interesting blood pressure as well as I know a few others who for some reason when the doctor dose it they get a higher reading even when they do not know it is a doctor taking it! Have a nice glass of wine take all they say with a "grain of salt" some times the doctor can make you worse then better time to look for some one better! make sure you keep updating on this!

  14. What a strange person!If your home BP machine has been demonstrated to be accurate and your BP has been fine at home, I wouldn't fret about it.What Nikki said..a colleague of mine recently called a patient of mine and left a message on their machine- 'You have some abnormal labs. Call your doc asap.' The poor lady's cholesterol was maybe 5 points above normal, thats all, but she almost stroked out after getting the message. I stayed on the phone with her while she had a panic attack, then had a little stroke of my own in the restroom. Sadly, its true what they say. A good bedside manner can't be taught.

  15. That is just crazy! I would be looking for a new doctor too Emmy. I don't understand why some MD's just act so. superior. My knee surgeon had zero bedside manner. Maybe some of them go to a special school to learn how to be dicks.

  16. I have the same "syndrome"! Wow, I can't believe you are one too. I had so many "high blood pressure" scares. Now as long as I go with my husband, I'm fine. He always manages to bring the doctor to a good humor and in turn the doctor will be nice to me, so I won't have a "stroke" in the reading right there. Good luck finding a good doctor! It's about time. I'm sure you will have a much better experience in the future. 🙂

  17. LOL… When I first went to my old doctor it was high and she said she wanted to do an EKG. I had felt fine until that moment. During the 10 minutes it took them to get the machine into the room I developed "pains" in my chest and head! LOL – the EKG reading was totally normal!

  18. I can imagine how that would happen to you. I've only heard of the syndrome since I came here and didn't realise there were so many affected by it until this post! 🙂

  19. Oh yeah – first there is the wait in the waiting room and then they put you in the examining room and you get to wait there. Plenty of time to think about all the terminal things that could be wrong with you! LOL.

  20. I felt a little silly taking my machine in to my old doctor but it was good to see that it was within a point or two of her reading so I know it's accurate. I'm so sorry that she no longer accepts our insurance – our book of providers is very thin!

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