Macs for Valentines…


For the last week and a half the manservant has been playing astro-dweeb in Hawaii. It must have felt wonderful to leave the cold behind and go out to the islands – even if he was only awake at night-time.

His coming home Valentine's gift to me was 5lbs of macadamia nuts!  I love mac nuts -  I will have them drizzled with honey on top of plain yogurt for breakfast  – every morning until they are gone.

Macadamia trees are native to Australia and have also been called Queensland nut, Bush nut, Maroochi nut and bauple nut.  Aboriginal names for the nuts include gyndl, jindilli and boombera.

We were a little slack in getting into commercial production of  macadamia nuts and most people think they are Hawaiian….

William Purvis was the manager of a sugar plantation on the Big Island who visited Australia in 1881 and was so taken by the beauty of the tree that he took seeds back to Hawaii and planted them for decoration.  But it was Massachuesetts-born Ernest Van Tassel who commercialized the macadamia nut in 1922 even though in 1910 the Hawaiian Agricultural Experiment Station had encouraged planting of macadamia on Hawaii's Kona coast as a crop to supplement coffee production.
Ernst Van Tassel formed the Hawaiian Macadamia Nut Co in 1922 and in 1953  "Royal Hawaiian" macadamia nuts was introduced by Castle and Cooke -  this brand is credited with popularizing the nuts in mainland US.

During this time the largest producer in Australia was the Macadamia Processing Company which concentrated on bulk sales -  25lb cartons were sold to Hawaii for retail products in their off-season!! 

Australia finally got their act together and caught up to the US in the late 1990's and is now the world's biggest exporter of macadamia nuts accounting for 47% of total world exports. 

These should last awhile:


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  1. all those thing you mentioned I can not have Honey, sugar coffee, although the nut sounds good Macadamia, to think of it I can not have my chocolate covered almonds either! But it is a nice gift a real good treat that is much better then a equivalent amount of chocolate, or unless you wish to complain about your waist size from the chocolate!Have a great and healthy Valentines day, and do not go too nuts! ha Ha best I can do with the lack of sugar and being a pin cohesion!

  2. It is always the valentine challenge: find what she really wants, and not just flowers. It sounds like a success.(Be proud that I was able to comment on an Apple computer without making a bad pun. 🙂 )

  3. LOL – your "nuts" joke. Macadamias are very good at lowering cholesterol – I'm sorry that there are so many things you can no longer eat – or have to eat in limited quantities.

  4. LOL – this is an Apple household too! Yes, he has done really well each year – one year I got basketball tickets. (that was when Michael Jordan was back playing for the Wizards), last year it was a little gizmo thing to make my computer into a television. (eyeTv)

  5. LOL – yes they are – he is the manservant at home and the astro-dweeb when he goes observing. Cashews used to be my favourite – especially heavily salted, roasted ones!

  6. I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you – LOL. Here is an AAT Link though to the night sky at the Anglo-Australian Observatory in Coonabarabran. It is a fisheye view horizon to horizon of the night sky. Clicking on the "globe" will show you the stars etc. It "turns off" at sunrise (Australian time)..

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