Neighbourly Chats


What a lovely day I had today.   

One of my vox neighbours,  Maju, is holidaying in the DC area so we arranged to meet for brunch.   We met at Panera Bread, one of my favourite haunts, back in my old neighbourhood.   Maju brought a friend and we had a lovely time chatting and laughing.  It was so nice to hear an Aussie accent and to have a few laughs at the differences between Aussies and Americans – everything from pronunciations to sense of humour.   I am so glad that we arranged to meet. 

Going home, as I walked down my street, I noticed the elderly gentleman across the street sitting on his front porch  so stopped by to say "hi".  He invited me to sit and chat with him awhile.  He grew up in Georgia on a "5 horse farm."  He told me that he worked in a DC hospital for 52 years and 7 months and never had a sick day or called in late.  He maintains that fresh air is the reason for his good health.  He is looking forward to spring so he can get out in his garden.  He loves sitting on the porch watching the world walk past.  It was a pleasant half hour sitting in the afternoon sun listening to him talk.

Sometimes human contact can really make a day nice!

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  1. what this thing of plastic and glass that I stare at and type upon is not counted as human contact ?????? Sounds like a wonderful time you had some times you never know just who you might meet but there are plenty of interesting people out there some do not even know they are!As well I bet it was really nice to talk to someone who shares a geographical as well as vocal point of view!

  2. I also sometimes experience such lovely day. The elder Japanese usually are very polite and friendly. That day when we were in train an elderly Jpanese woman said hi and gave some advice on how to raise small kids. Its really nice to meet such people :))

  3. I always enjoy meeting new people and listening to their life stories. I know what you mean about hearing another Aussie accent – I love it when I meet someone from the south…we have so much in common.

  4. I think that no matter how well we "fit in" where we live we always want contact and news from home. LOL – my plastic flat computer screen does not talk back to me.

  5. Mostly we are all too busy to take the time to really listen to others. That was one of the reasons I really enjoyed my taxi rides to work during my foot saga – so many interesting stories from those drivers.

  6. Isn't that the truth !! Women tend to feel guilty for just sitting, and instead we think of all the things we need to get done, so we have a hard time enjoying it even when we try.

  7. LOL re Panera! That is so true. I have not been there in over a year and everything was the same in the food items – but they had taken off my House Latte and I had been really looking forward to it!!

  8. As I grew up on a farm myself it was interesting to hear about his early life. He is in his 80's now. The lady next door grew up in Sth Carolina and has fascinating stories too – you just have to be prepared to stop doing anything for at least an hour though!

  9. Well I did work out once that Perth and Sydney are about as far apart as London and Budapest in Europe. had an Irish friend come to Australia for a 10 day visit once. His only friends in Australia were us in Sydney and some other people in Bunbury!

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