Chanting for the Chianti


Is there anything more pathetic than a mature(age) woman desperately trying to open a bottle of wine after a grueling day?

It was not pretty!!

I'm sure the manservant has my good waiter's friend in his backpack with him in Hawaii …….. 

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  1. Actually there are 2 waiter's friends in the drawer but they are not "the" one I like – these are sort of curved in the body where-as my good one is straight. If I get it back I will certainly hide it! πŸ™‚

  2. Thank you for giving me a good laugh, that is something I have done so many times, struggled with the wine bottle, you see I don't own a bottle opener, sad but true.I always borrow one from my friends when I need it.

  3. you know that nothing that comes easy is as sweet as what one that is worked for is! But that dosen't apply here you need one of those electric cork remover gizmos just to get to your glass of relaxation, this is why I only drank hard stuff if I couldn't use a screw off top then I was in too bad of shape to need a drink!

  4. You know by the time I worked at this cork I was more desperate for the wine than usual!! LOL. We were given an electric opener but didn't like it so gave it away. And yes screw tops are best! πŸ™‚

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