This is what I see when I look down out of our bedroom window:

I see a lovely clean public sidewalk infront of our property and a nicely cleared path for us and the mailman to get to our door.     I see that our neighbours, on both sides,  are slack!!   And yes, they are all at home …..   This is all ice.

The DC Official Code 9-601 does require private property owners
to remove snow from the sidewalks abutting their space within 8 hours of
the end of the snowfall. The DC Official Code also states that if the
property owner does not remove the snow, the District will remove the
snow and sue the owner, through the Office of the Corporation Counsel,
for costs of snow removal and a $25 fine.

I guess $25 doesn't scare anyone!   But the thought of someone suing if they fall certainly scares me!

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  1. What a bunch of dillweeds. We live in a neighborhood like that too – I spent more than an hour chopping and shovelling ice the other day, and thanks to our neighbors, most walking folks had to walk down the middle of the road where the plows had sanded!

  2. "dillweeds" I like that! LOL. I don't understand why people are not a little more considerate. They are home owners not renters – somehow this makes me expect more of people. Oh well…..

  3. how ironic that you have ice and we have dead crunchy grass out the front of our homes. Of course no-one is going to sue us for having dead crunchy grass, but it does poke into your flip flops.People just need to step up and take responsibility don't they?

  4. LOL – you also have those nasty bindies! Last year when I had a cast on my leg and was home alone one of these neighbours knocked on the door at 9.30pm to tell me that it was my responsibility to cut down the weeds in the little nature strip between footpath and gutter! Obviously one of those weeds must have done some serious injury to her foot or leg! 🙂

  5. The USPS could probably do with a contract to help with their finances! I wonder if anyone has ever actually been fined….. I had a quick look for stats but couldn't find any.

  6. Yeah the manservant did a good job (he was remembering all those months of playing nursemaid to me and not wanting to do it again! LOL). Seriously though it is shame on them as the width of our properties is not that wide!!

  7. I wish I had more neighbours like you! Everyone on the other side of the street has cleared theirs. It is meant to get near 50 today so hopefully a lot evaporates off . I saw the mailman yesterday trying to negotiate the steps of next door – our mailboxes of our row houses are either attached to the house or slots in the front doors – he did not look happy.

  8. I saw the mailman yesterday trying to negotiate the steps of next door – our mailboxes of our row houses are either attached to the house or slots in the front doors – he did not look happy. He should just stop delivering their mail until the ice is gone one way or another. That would hurt more than a $25 fine.

  9. Luckily there is no footpath on this street, or we'd be getting fined (if they ever issued fines). Also, we live at the end of a cul de sac so nobody needs to walk past. I was amazed yesterday to see the frozen snow looking all smooth and shiny in the sun. Of course you never see such a sight in Perth!

  10. It is a good example of why we are in the mess we are in – no one cares about anyone else anymore…we all complain about everything but few actually DO anything.
    I am always worried about palm fronds hitting anyone walking down the lane near our house so I race out and gather them as fast as I can when I see them drying off… do unto others etc.

  11. I totally agree with you – it's all about "me" . No-one wants to take responsibility for anything either. That's nice of you with the palm fronds – I think (or would like to think) that I would do that if I had palm trees.

  12. I've never lived anywhere where the property owners were responsible for snow removal on the sidewalks. Of course, if someone were on your property and fell, they could sue you – but the sidewalks were always the property of the town…just the walk from the front porch to the sidewalk was private. Interesting.

  13. Well, this is something people probably will never agree on. But if we live in a snowing place, we will just have to clean the sidewalks. Or, we just don't move to a place where it snows. But life is usually not that simple…

  14. It's amazing that you guys have such extremes of weather. I keep thinking I would love to have a white Christmas, but I am such a cold frog. White Christmases are quite rare here. In fact, it's more common to be able to go outside in your shirtsleeves at Christmas. December-February are our driest months of the year and grass fires are very common in the winter. In fact, right now half the state is under an official burn ban. We'll stay that way until spring arrives and we start to green up again. The moisture we receive from winter precip only alleviates the problem for a few days. As soon as the sun comes out or the wind starts to blow again (it hardly ever stops) everything dries back out.

  15. Yeah, it's too bad people aren't more motivated. It's a perfect time to get a little movement during these sluggish months. We don't have the ice issue here, but a lot of the snow we've received has hardened and turned to tundra basically. It's not easy walking around on that stuff. Also, it's so think I don't know how people get it cleaned up? Of course, I don't own property and haven't tried it. I have thought a blow torch would come in handy for some folks. I've always fancied those sort of gadgets 🙂

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