Snow to Ice


This morning I looked out my window and watched people slide down my street.  We live on a hill – okay, it's more of a slope than a hill – but when covered in ice it might as well be a mountain. 

I saw a man hanging onto a fence while his feet continued away from him and watched a woman fall over twice in the space of 20 feet.  I watched our neighbour go to her car and struggle to get the door open.   I left her warming up her car while I cleaned my teeth and got dressed.  I returned to the window to watch her drive her car into the one in front of her and then not be able to reverse away because her wheels were spinning.  I watched her tiptoe back into her house.

It was at this point that I decided I would be deliberately late to work today.   I took a 2 hour delay hoping that the temperature would rise enough to melt some of the ice off – or that the city would treat our road and the neighbours would clean their sidewalks.   Wishful thinking on all counts!

I made it to the office and back home again without a fall though I did have a couple of scary slides.  I cancelled my Physical Therapy appointment because I was scared of the walk. 

The temperature warmed into the mid 30's during the afternoon -  ice melted – and tonight it is going to fall back into the 20's and so the rink will be back tomorrow morning! 

Last night it was snow:  

But by this morning ice had compressed the snow:    

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  1. Ice is scary stuff. It warmed up here today (it's been miserably cold for the last few days), then snowed, and the streets were slippery when I was out this afternoon… I was driving behind someone who appeared to be turning right at a light. I was gently coming up behind that driver, carefully applying my brakes (the light was red). Then the driver ahead stopped, and the back-up lights came on, and the person started reversing back around the corner! I had to apply more pressure to my brakes, which made my car skid sideways a bit — luckily nobody hit anybody else. I wasn't expecting such slippery conditions because all we'd had was snow, but you just never know in the winter.
    I'm glad you got to work and back okay… stay safe, because, as you say, the rink will be back tomorrow morning!

  2. We had a nice snowstorm but then the wind blew the snow everywhere and freezing rain was showering our house! My car has come dangerously close to getting stuck too, the traction is lousy around here. I'm just so thankful I'm not one of the millions of New England people who lost power and heat – can you imagine?
    Stay safe, my friend. Glad you're getting around okay. You were wise to cancel your appointment. Namaste and I hope you have a peaceful February!

  3. Ooh! That must have been scary! The main roads here were apparently "beautiful" but getting out of the side streets was very difficult. We have speed humps in our street which must be awful to get over in the ice! (we don't own a car so there are some issues we don't have to deal with).

  4. I can not imagine losing power in winter! How does one stay warm! In this area they put all resources into the main roads and the side streets get left till last – the city probably hopes it will just "go away" before they have to do anything. They will not do the alley at all …..

  5. Thank you …. snow would have been much more preferable. It doesn't matter if none of the neighbours shovel because you can still walk in snow but when the neighbours don't treat the ice it is soooooooo annoying and dangerous!

  6. Your comment about the speed bumps reminds me of a conversation in the recent snow and ice. She lives on a street with speed bumps near the hospital. Said there'd been an accident (wanna say it was an SUV), a rollover when the driver speeding on the icy road hit a speed bump.No shortage of idiots on the roads.

  7. Yeah – I can not believe that people do not adjust their driving to the road and weather conditions! I'm guessing the people who parked next to the humps last night did not drive to work today.

  8. I bet! Me too! Though I use a cane and a stick to go out in it, kinda cool. Even the cane is slippery. The snow has piled up! Another storm next week, its been a real winter here this year for sure!This is my last experience with snow here!

  9. Great photos
    for some reason cities at night make great photos almost more of a mystery then
    during the day they just look, eh!

    Great to
    know you did not end up a casualty to the ice, there is something anymore that
    makes me hate the ice it is! But I am glad you took it easy for if your late
    for work it is not the end of the world and the company did not fall to peaces
    too many people rush to work and like that lady you saw fall more times then
    they should just because they have to get “no where fast”!

    At least
    the colder weather will help clean up any of the water around! Take it easy
    & Take care I keep trying to win the lottery so I can go somewhere hot
    during this time of year!

  10. OMG that looks so cold!I still remember when I was in Hokaido (a snowy place in North Japan) I slipped on the slippery ice every year. Every time I fell down I always looked back to see whether anyone was watching and laughing at me. Hehehe.. Glad I didnt get injured. Its better not to go out during this time. Take care, Emjay.

  11. Great photographs Emmy, you brought the ice storm right into vision! Was it any better today? I know that clean up is slower back east than it is out here…usually 12 hours after a winter event, the roads are dry here. Ice however, is a different story! I'm glad to read that you didn't fall. Do you have a cane to carry when it gets ugly outside?

  12. Thanks re the photos… you know every year when the ice comes I think about buying those things you strap onto your shoes – and then I promptly forget about actually doing it until the next icing. I have never seen anyone actually wearing them though and I suspect I would have to take them off before I got on the escalators at the metro. Now that I live in a neighbourhood where no-one does their footpath as they should I might have to actually buy a pair.

  13. It was much better this morning – except for the slack neighbours who have done nothing about their sidewalks! I walked from our path straight onto the roadway and walked along it. DC doesn't really get enough snow/ice for them to be experts at its removal – everyone panics and things grind to a halt. Visitors from anywhere midwest or north of here laugh at us in winter!

  14. I heard about the funny weather over there… in fact, there has been funny weather almost everywhere… weather here in Singapore is dry and windy… like Aussie weather… (which is nice actually)… but still abnormal..
    Hope the weather eases off for you soon.

  15. OOOOOOOO pretty pix!!!But VERY VERY scary stuff.Walking on ice is not a good thing.Hooray for your not falling!!!And a bigger HOORAY for not going to physical therapy.We're supposed to go up into the upper-40's this weekend, Monday. You?

  16. I don't think it is much above freezing today. The ice next door has not melted away yet… I watched the poor mailman try to get to her mailbox today – if it was me I would've just chucked her mail on the icy path!

  17. LOL – gimping along. I was quite scared stepping out for a couple of days. Most of it has melted away now – except for a couple of neighbours who didn't treat or shovel when it first happened so it just melts and refreezes and looks more slippery now than when it first happened.

  18. The weather in Adelaide is madness… I already couldn't take 40 in the sun in Perth (I always went home) so imagining 43++ … I'd probably go out of my mind and stay permanently in a pool somewhere with a straw to breathe from.

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