The last two winters have provided no measurable snow for DC  – might that change today?

Over the last month the weatherman has predicted snow a few times and then nothing happened but this morning there really are white flakes falling from the sky and sticking on the footpath and roads! 

I love the total "hush" which occurs when it snows -  I hate the trudging to and from work through it.

It is far, far preferable to ice though!  (oh look,  ice is forecast for this evening!).


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  1. If I could parcel up some snow and send it to you, I'd gladly do it! You could arrange it on the parts of the ground you don't have to trudge through, to have the best of both worlds (oh how I wish I could arrange the stuff so that it only fell on the lawns and not on the streets and sidewalks!!!)

  2. We have ice. It started shortly before noon yesterday and today nearly the entire state is closed. Even the Air Force base (so Ken is home today)! Over night we did get a layer of sleet on top of the ice so the roads aren't as nasty as they were yesterday. Just the same, I'm glad I don't have to leave the house to go to work! Stay safe and warm.

  3. Oh – that's awful! There was ice falling when I left work. I can not believe how slowly I was walking! I'm so close to finishing this whole foot "thing" and have no desire to extend the PT because of some new injury! You are lucky working from home – the manservant does a lot of working from home on bad weather days!

  4. LOL – I heard my news person say we were "digging out" – made me laugh as we might have had an inch and a half!! LOL even more – they don't plough my neighbourhood!!

  5. I had never heard of how quiet everything became with snow so I was really amazed by it the first time I "heard" it. I'm still amazed by it! LOL… I don't think I would like to be buried in snow for months – I like to see the ground occasionally.

  6. Your newsperson actually said "digging out" for 1-1/2 inches?!?!? Is he perchance from western Washington state? Seattle: Possibly the only city in the U.S. of A. that closes schools on the *threat* of snow.

  7. I arrived here in January 2000 and about 2 days later we had 8 inches of snow here! I think it was 2 years later that we had a major blizzard – after that we seem to have got less snow each year but we seem to have had an increase in ice at the same time.

  8. Seriously our news and weather people crack me up!! It is pathetic! Yes, she really said that and the general reaction today would suggest we had a foot of snow!! Now some ice is falling though and that's just not nice.

  9. it's the same here (well, not my town but just to the north). soo overdramatized and panicked, you'd swear the world was ending because 1/4 inch of snow fell. correction: MIGHT fall.

  10. I have been complaining a lot about it this year, but I do love the quiet beauty of the snow. As long as I don't have to go anywhere in particular before the roads are cleared. I would miss it if I lived where it didn't snow.

  11. I think areas which get a lot of snow are better prepared at continuing on with life as usual. This area tends to get a bit panicky at the idea of snow. Schools are pretty quick to close or delay openings. My company never closes!!

  12. so it is you that is sending the snow our way tomorrow although 15cm or what 6 inches is not going to be too big of a problem unless the power goes out or I want to do anything!Take it easy if you have ice coming you just about got your foot working properly if you slip and brake a hip,,, I only say that because it would be that time when you would end up with that one in a million fall and it would be how the hell did that happen! Take care and if it looks bad have a glass of wine and say the hell with it!

  13. I told my physiotherapist yesterday that I would not come on Wednesday if it was icy. The less time I spend traipsing the footpaths in the ice the better for me! 🙂

  14. I'm with you Emjay – as much as I hate snow, it is preferrable to ice. Is winter over yet? Ground Hog day is Monday – maybe it will be so dreary and miserable, the little rodent won't see his shadow and spring will materialize.

  15. I read something today which said the "almanac" says we are going to have a horrible February!! I can't wait for winter to be over! LOL – the ground hog – I had not heard of that until I arrived in America.

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