The manservant did a great job for last night's dinner party; coming up with 4 dishes for our enjoyment:   green string beans, an eggplant dish,  delicious chicken with black beans and prawns cooked with a lot of peppers and chillies. 

My contribution was mini profiteroles and eclairs with 4 different icecreams – yes, not a whole lot of effort on my part! 

It was a really enjoyable night – we have some really interesting friends.  And, I love guests who bring goodies (though it is not a pre-requisite to visit us):

One couple provided hand "painted" truffles: deliciously rich!

And the other couple brought this: 

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  1. What a lovely dinner….eggplant is my favorite. Your deserts sound heavenly too, I love variety in my ice creams! 😉
    I bet the dinner conversation was way fun.

  2. Thank you Ellie – I took the lazy way out with sweets, but they were popular. With most of our friends being academics of some sort conversations at our place are always interesting – and sometimes quite spirited! LOL.

  3. Oh my. Chocolate. Stuff of my dreams and of my migraines. Dang. Looks gorgeous and sounds like you had a great time with everything. Kudos to the manservant! Wish I could get MY manservant to cook such things. Well, he does take out the garbage! I haven't had to do that since we moved into the house together.

  4. I hate doing the garbage! I'm sorry to read that chocolate gives you migraines – that just doesn't seem fair! I work with a lady who is allergic to chocolate – how sad would that be!!

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