Progress Report


My foot is now described as "functional"  -   it finally got to the 12 degree movement this week and I can go down about half a dozen steps – haltingly but going down normally.  

My next goal is 15 degrees so I continue with the PT torture twice a week until then. 

We are having friends over for a Chinese feast tonight – the manservant is cooking, but someone has to go supervise….

More Italian photos:    a  church in Rome with a truly beautiful interior:


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  1. Beautiful shots of the interior of the church. Of course, the carvings on the outside of the old European buildings is fascinating too. So glad that your ankle is healing and that you are gaining more movement. Pretty soon, you won't be gimpy at all!

  2. Thank you. My physical therapist was reminding me yesterday how when I first went my foot was shaking & jerking all over because none of my muscles were strong enough to hold it still. The manservant makes good Chinese!

  3. So what is for dinner?? I have never really succesfully cooked chinese.I am glad your foot is getting there it does take some time.The church pictures are amazing, it has always interested me that in the bible it states that christ does not want or need a place of worship, yet there are all these churches and not only are they there they are grand in design, hmmm.

  4. That sounds like a good goal it truly sucks not to be able to get around without looking old and feeble before your time, like the time I got out of physio and a pair of old lady's with walkers beat me across the parking lot 80plus! what a way to bring one down! But it sounds like you are in the home stretch just do not go kicking up your heels and hurting one! I do not know why but I love the old architecture, I guess it is why I like period movies where you see how they lived in that time and place! Great photos

  5. Yes, Europe has some really amazing churches! The manservant spent quite a bit of time visiting China throughout the 90's and so picked up quite a few good tips etc on successfully cooking Chinese. Apart from barbequing it is the only thing he cooks.

  6. The workmanship in the churches I saw was amazing. It is even more so when you consider that they did not have "equipment" to get everything into place. Thank you re my foot – I am so glad that it is almost "normal"!

  7. Thank you re the photos – the architecture and internal finishes are beautiful. LOL – being beaten by people on walkers! Yes, I have had that happen too! And it used to take me so long to cross the road I would have to stop on the nature strip in the middle and wait for the next light change! LOL. I always thought 22 seconds was plenty of time to cross the road – until my foot "issues"!

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