Heartburn Bill



Our gas bill went from less than $8 a month to $117 this month.

I think I will start wearing my Outerwear inside!!





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  1. I was quite shocked! I thought maybe they had just guessed their meter reading number instead of actually reading it but it seems to be correct. We have gas for cooking and heating so it goes to show how little cooking I do! LOL.

  2. I'm fully expecting our electricity bill to hit $1000 this quarter. I've never run the airconditioner this hard. Its been so hot. You can imagine Mum while Dad has been in hospital – had it set in the negatives probably.

  3. Yuck – we've had exactly the same problem. I want to keep the heat on 55 but J is worried the pipes will freeze (not sure if that's true) but we wear fleece jackets and fleece pants (with 3 layers beneath that). Our bill is still unaffordable.

  4. that is an OMG??? and WTF!!!!! are you paying for the whole neighborhood or have you had your windows and doors open to the outside world now that is a mind blower something has got to be wrong???Hope everything goes back to normal or is this the new way of things increase everything until no one can afford to live!

  5. I once stayed with my inlaws near Reno NV – I laughed because they wore all that inside and I said to myself "no way, never will I do that" LOL….. never say never!

  6. I have had ours down to 50 without any problems with the pipes (w/ends away). I am used to living in an apartment here where the utilities were included – I got spoilt!

  7. LOL! My neighbours would appreciate it but I hope I am not keeping them warm. Last winter was our first winter in the house and it was a really mild winter so there were days when we didn't have heat on at all. Now we will be prepared!! Though I think we are going to be wearing more clothes!

  8. I winterized my windows with that window insulation plastic film, stuff's amazing in retaining heat and eliminating drafts. Also used it in a spacious place with huge windows up in Idaho (brrrrrr in winter there!) — fantastico!!!

  9. Haven't got our bill yet. Winter electric bills are usually cheaper than summer. Winter around $50 – $70, summer goes up to $180 or so. We are all electric no gas. We have 2 X 6 construction and double pane windows and that helps with our utility cost.

  10. Wow! That's a big increase! I am using kerosene so my bill is not that expensive. But last week somebody stole one can of our kerosene which has 18L kerosene inside..What a bad luck!

  11. Ours did the same over here when the utilities companies racked up their prices. We're now trying to not use the heating when possible but unfortunately it's been a cold winter so far so we're not doing very well. Good luck gettting yours down!

  12. @Emjay – You mean Horrid Depot? Hate that place. And I'm not alone. Go there only if I've exhausted all other possibilities and never buy anything over $10, can't stand giving them my money.

  13. The manservant likes to have the house cooled to freezer temperatures so he pays the bulk of the electricity bill. I think one month our a/c was over $250!! I can't imagine what it would be like if we lived out there in the desert!

  14. I agree their customer service sucks the worst of any store I have ever been in. Unfortunately it seems that there are no independent hardware stores in my area. The "horrid" Depot (LOL) is easy to get to by train (3 or 4 stations) and close enough not to get lost if we rent a car to get bigger things than we can carry.

  15. Not even a Lowe's? Sometimes Lowe's and Horrid Depot are mere blocks away from each other. I recently had a Horrid Depot store credit of like 2 bucks and odd change (uninteresting story). I'm: "what can I buy for 3 bucks so I can hopefully never or rarely have to come here again." I left with a WD-40 pen.

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