What an amazing sight – from my couch!  Even sitting here I can feel the emotion and excitement surrounding today's Inauguration.

And, I have an unused metro card!      

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  1. I don't blame you at all for "hunkering down" at home; and what a fine little souvenir you have in that Metro card! Folks here tried to watch the ceremonies via the Web and some succeeded, some found the big sites were too busy… couldn't connect or had shaky video. A big day for the country. — JG

  2. We live less than 3 miles from the National Mall – we didn't actually think of going outside to see if we could hear anything. I might have been hard to tear ourselves away from the telly! LOL. There were lots of fireworks in our neighbourhood last night – those we heard – past my bedtime!

  3. That's a lot of people isn't it! I am so glad that I did not attempt the trip to work – the trains would've been impossible So – I'm pretty pleased I didn't have to use my ticket (not that I would've really anyway!).

  4. That card will be worth something one day Emjay! Glad to hear that you managed to make it out of bed! 😉 I was taking the mick out of you for still being in bed, completely forgetting that you're a few hours behind us *blushes*

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