Beach weather … not!


Today the high temperature was 18 degrees Fahrenheit with wind chill (real feel) of  4 degrees F.

This is the coldest it has been here in DC for over 10 years.   

As I have not been here for 10 years this means that it is the coldest I have ever been!

I wanna go home! 

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  1. The manservant was going to apply for a position at RPI (in upstate New York) – I told him that I would not live there in winter so that nixed that! I hope your son is well compensated!

  2. I would love to be in A tee shirt instead of a singlet and three tees under a sweater and coat and then slathered in scarves!! Yeah I think 20-22 Celsius is ideal (68-72F).

  3. Beautiful places! I cannot wait to visit your home city soon.
    After a week of frantic packing, all my luggage is gone already for loading. I am leaving on the 20th. I will convey your thought to Sydney.

  4. I find that funny you want to go home I have seen this commercial about "going for a walkabout to find yourself" Australia, but right now anywhere warm would be great right now I would like to just cuddle up with a space heater in my bed!

  5. You tried hot foot baths, e.g. with rosemary oil? Keep more boiling hot water next to bowl and refill to keep it really hot. You want those lobster red feet before you put them into two pairs of angora socks. Those wristlets are good, too. Warm feet and wrists are key to bearing the cold. Tested and approved.

  6. Thank you!
    Do they not sell "pocket body warmer pads" there? We have small sticking warmer pads at drugstores here. There is a variety of sizes and shapes depending on which part you use it on. Most of them last for 12 hours or so.

  7. It was about 14F when we left DC yesterday morning – the coldest I'd ever been too – and about 14F when we arrived here in Bemidji! – they'd had a warm change here.

  8. I do feel so sorry for all y'all with those bitter temps. I know my family is getting them in MO as well. Not quite as cold, but definitely cold enough. I feel guilty for being so cold when we're in the 40's with sunshine.

  9. I miss beach weather too. It's even cold in northern Florida. Even though it's sunny outside, I don't feel like doing anything much. I hope the weather improves soon and we can get out of the winter blue altogether.

  10. I don't seem to have gloves to keep my hands warm enough and I think the only thing that would keep my face warm would be a balaclava and I have reservations about looking like I'm about to rob a bank. LOL.

  11. LOL – a few years ago a tourist went walkabout to "find himself" and
    got mightily lost out in the desert – as quite a few do – but this one
    involved his family taking search dogs to Australia to search.
    Eventually the much thinner guy was discovered by accident by a news
    helicopter filming a story on the search.

  12. LOL…. yeah 42C is a bit too warm for me. I can't decide whether I do extreme cold or extreme hot the best – probably neither! 🙂 I'm a middle of the road type of person.

  13. Yeah – and this was not as cold as some of the country. I can't imagine being an outdoor worker in winter any further north of us – or in the midwest. We were under a hyperthermia alert for the last couple of days – those places must have search an alert their entire winters!

  14. Hope you are having fun "out there"… it has warmed up a bit here. I still think it will feel mighty cold standing out there on the National Mall for all those people going to the concert today.

  15. I've lived in DC since 2000. Zero one day, 50 the next! Wow – that's some extreme differences – I think that might be worse and harder to adjust to than a "snap" of a few days.

  16. I can only guess it's because the jet stream sometimes dips and rises across the St. Louis area, so we can get some wild, wild weather extremes all in one day. The year before last we had temperatures in the 70's, but then a cold front came through and two hours later it was snowing !!

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