Creating a situation


Ooops!   Nearly created a situation this morning! 

I pressed a button to call for the elevator at the metro (train) station and I got a loud squawk sound followed by:  "What's your emergency?"

"Oh, I wanted the lift"  

Voice says: "That's not an emergency".


Ah, yes I know that …  but the buttons are really poorly labelled – unless you read Braille. 


I guess I fit right in with all the other strange people of my neighbourhood afterall!! 


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  1. LOL you should have said, "but I'm trying to get to the Macy's sale"! I know some elevators are so poorly marked, I especially love when I can't read the inspection certificate (I'm also claustrophobic….)

  2. I did the same thing at work, I couldn't work out at first why someone was talking to me as I was in the lift alone and this was not something we had in the old building. It had me laughing for days.

  3. LOL Different people may have different concepts of emergencies.1. I'm glad the button works.2. I'm reminded of a doctor in Pediatrics who would respond to 'mommy calls' (parents calling the emergency number just because their kid sneezed) by saying, 'What's you emergency?' I guess she hoped to embarrass them. It never worked. 😀

  4. if you wanted to get the hell out of there then it could be and emergency! you have to love it when buttons are labeled wrong or very poorly and if you do something wrong they act as if you hit the button to end the world! you should have told him your emergency was you are here to chew gum and kick ass and your all out of bubble gum! the thing I hate is even if you apologized for pushing the wrong button they still make you feel stupid and like a total moron even thought it could almost be impossible to read the buttons properly, cheer up tomorrow is a whole new day to screw up!

  5. LOL. I was actually on the platform and the guy's voice was so loud – I'm sure lots of people looked my way to see what was going on but I was too embarrassed to look around.

  6. My elevators at work are fairly new and the emergency button is red (pretty identifiable LOL). These station ones are old and all the writing has rubbed off and it doesn't help that the platforms are poorly lit.

  7. You know you are right about number 1 ! The lift is to take those who need it, from the platform level to the exit gates; it is dimly lit in that area and sort of out of sight. The station master sits in a little box near the gates. I wonder how many times a day he answers that button. I once saw a guy press one on the train which connects to the driver – he was just testing that it worked and the driver was not impressed!

  8. LOL – he might not have – but I suppose as I didn't appear to be in a panic he couldn't care less what it actually was. I felt pretty embarrassed getting out of the lift and walking past him though – thought about apologizing to him but then thought it best to pretend it wasn't me! LOL.

  9. Everything you say is true! At the station I get off at for work they have actually taped bits of paper up with marker pen stating "elevator" and "help" so it would be really hard to make my mistake. They station master there must have got sick of people pushing the wrong buttons! LOL.

  10. Ha! Pretty funny situation with the elevator. I think I did that once by accident. I hope all is well and you had a nice Christmas. It looks like you're getting a god cultural exposure. I find all of that ancient stuff very fascinating.
    Happy New Year too!

  11. Hi Hetta – had a wonderful Christmas though it was hard getting back into the swing of a routine here after all the culture of Italy and London. I find all that history really interesting also – in my case I often think it is because Australia is such a young country. Happy New Year to you too – I hope your business is going well.

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