Travelling without me …. is probably nice!

The other day my son sent a text:  I'm in London.

After traipsing around Europe after I came back he was now into the serious mode of getting back to Australia – via Singapore.

I called him at the hotel:

Have you organised a wake up call and set your phone alarm?

Have you booked the hoppa to the airport.  You have to pay 4 pounds so make sure you have some pounds. 
I've already booked it, paid for it and got the ticket.

Do you know which terminal?  It's Terminal 3 you know.
Yes mum I know.

What time is your flight?

What time are you getting to the airport?

Oh!  I don't think that's early enough!!!! 
It's plenty of time mum.

Well, send me a text message when you've checked in so I know  everything is ok.
No -  I will send you a text when I land in Singapore.

Cue in a sleepless night while I wonder if he caught his flight. 

Yesterday, I worked out the time difference between Singapore and Washington DC and checked the status of his flight to see when it landed.  Add one hour for customs/immigration and another hour for travel to hotel….   mmm – I should've heard from him.  Go back and add another hour for customs incase they were really busy yesterday.  

Still no text.  Visions of him being held at customs because of something not right in his bag or passport. Or being extradited straight to Australia – no stopping.    

Finally I gave in and sent a text "Are you okay?". 
Response:  Yes.  I had to take 2 trains to the hotel. Ring me at the hotel room # if you want but I'm going out now.

I did ring later because I just can't help myself:   Don't forget your flight is just past midnight which means you have to be at the airport  tonight  (the only flight I have ever missed is one where I did not see the correlation between date and 24 hour time)

Yes mum – it's all okay!!!

Later it is 3am in Singapore and he is in the business centre sending frantic email…..   I just realised I told the Princess to pick me up on Sunday and it's Saturday I land and now my phone won't work and I can't get in touch with her.  Can you let her know please.

LOL –   I came in handy after all.   


In the Piazza del Popolo, Rome there are symmetrical churches on either side of the Via del Corso, a street leading straight through the heart of Rome.  The churches, the Santa Maria dei Miracoli and the Santa Maria in Montesanto were commissioned by Pope Alexander VII in 1658.

They were both designed by Carlo Rainaldi.  The churches are not identical since the surface area for the Santa Maria in Montesanto (on the left) was smaller. In order to preserve symmetry, Rainaldi created an oval dome for this church and a circular dome for the Santa Maria dei Miracoli.  

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  1. I hope he's not unemployed…. he took 6 weeks off to travel when he finished his final exams at uni. He is going to be annoyed if he is "let go" when he gets back as he would've travelled longer.

  2. Is that not what moms are for we never grow up and you mothers always know your kids so well, and even though he says oh mum he knows you love him and it is a kids strange way to say I love you mum but it always comes out as oh mum or some other complaint!And you have to love giving his sister the wrong time to pick him up! Kids eh!

  3. Parents really are the same the world over. I guess it's karma for the way we treated our parents when we were young enough to know everything.A cab from Changi Airport to Singapore City was only AUD$15. Guess I should have told you that before. <blush>.I made a similar mistake in connecting flights because of different time zones. We could have very easily finished up trying to board a connecting flight from Heathrow to Inverness one day early.

  4. A few years ago when my youngest daughter was 19 she flew from Melbourne to London without telling me (she had told me she was going a couple of months later but changed the flight on a sudden whim), and nearly got deported before setting foot out of the airport because she had entered on an Aust. passport with the intention of getting a British one and staying for at least a year, but the British immigration people didn't take too kindly to her explanation. She was eventually allowed in on condition that she got the British passport within a certain time limit. Luckily I only found out about all this later!

  5. LOL …. he was very proud that the total cost of the two trains was about $2. When Cat's son came to stay he also took the bus and train option (total around $3) instead of a $25 shuttle. A little bit of discomfort does not bother the young. I was in Hawaii and the flights home to Oz were just after midnight. When I rocked up to check in they said "your flight was last night". I burst into tears and they found me a seat! I would put the tears down to being over-tired!

  6. LOL – I think the Princess had a big day at the beach planned with friends so was not impressed at having to give that up! When I went on my first trip I was 19 and there were no mobiles or internet. My parents had to wait 7 days for an aerogramme letter to arrive from me. I'm sure I got a lot of lectures before I actually left though.

  7. Yeah – it was nice to know that I still knew best! LOL. It is generally considered that twins Romulus & Remus were the founders of Rome (Roman mythology says they were the sons of Priestess Rhea Silvia and fathered by the god of war Mars). I think the churches were built as homage to the twins. Romulus killed Remus in an argument as to what the new city would be called and who should rule it….. and hence the name Rome.

  8. LOL. That would have been quite worrying – if you had known about it. One of my sons once said something like "it is probably better that you don't know everything mum" ! I once went to Hong Kong and didn't have enough money to get home! I got in touch with my grandfather who arranged for a tailor to lend me money!! My parents would have killed me!

  9. LOLOL… my my!!! You sound just like my Mum when I travel… πŸ˜› Have to text her all the time! πŸ˜€ (but whatever will I do without her… I've learnt to be paranoid since then and pack all my things over and over again in fear that I've left something behind! Your son was in Singapore! Hope he liked it.. (what glimpses he got of it in transit :P)

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