Psychic Sabotage?


I have a mobile phone though I can never remember my number as I rarely give it out.

My parents have the number though they are unlikely to ever call it

Cat has the number – though she has probably filed it "away" 

I use my phone to send and receive text messages from my kids.

The manservant does not have a mobile.   He sends emails from his computer to my phone  – which appear as text messages because I don't do the browser function.  In fact 99% of the functions on my phone I do not use; the time and date are wrong and I don't care.

On the weekend I found the "spare" mobile I have which I lend to Aussie visitors so that they have a phone while staying without the huge phone bills from roaming outside Australia.   It is a pay-as-you-go phone.

I gave it to the manservant and said "here is a phone you can take with you to the supermarket so that when they don't have the mango salsa I like you can ring and tell me and not just bring home something I'm not going to like".   

Oh – thank you so much he says with more than a hint of sarcasm.   

As I was off to bed last night I checked my own mobile to find that it was dead, dead, dead!!

I took the battery out (numerous times), wiped things down,  took the sim card out and re-inserted.  Checked the charger cord etc etc.    It remained seriously dead. 

Have you touched my phone?  I ask (accuse?) ……..  as I was taking the spare phone back and putting my sim card into it, it occurred to me that some psychic sabotage had occurred as now there was no spare phone to take to the supermarket! 

Here is food I loved!   Taken in Florence: 

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  1. LOL The cell phone is one piece of technology I have yet to embrace. We got cell phones when my better half worked on the island, and it was extremely handy during my chemo treatments to be able to talk to him daily til he had his weekend and came home. However, when it really counted (I drove myself to the ER, only to be admitted for an operation), I could not remember the phone number. We have decided to let our contract expire.

  2. it blows my mind that when I was a kid the phone was something you did not get involved with until you were a teen! and when I drove tow truck you had to look for a pay phone to make a call! now a days my niece thinks she should have one to keep in touch with all her friends in grade 6, what ever happen to passing notes! But the problem is once you get used to having that cell phone it is so hard to do without it, it is like your voice so you must look at this as an opportunity to get yourself a new one that matches you new shoes! Thankfully it is a Sim card phone that means you can buy a new one and your ready to go!

  3. LOL. I suppose I should embrace this modern technology and get rid of the landline ……. Actually after answering the phone all day at work I spend very little time talking on the phone away from the office. I prefer emailing (as antisocial as that is).

  4. I won a mobile way back when they first came out and were the size of house bricks! As soon as the contract was up I threw it away. I then got one when I came here so that my children could contact me any time any where. It is nice to have "incase" though.

  5. LOL – when I was a kid we were on a "party line" phone and the switchboard closed at 8pm weekdays, 1pm Saturdays and didn't open at all on Sundays. LOL @ your niece… kids want all that technology can offer – as soon as it's offered.

  6. That photo makes my mouth water every time I look at it. It probably helps that I have all the other memories associated with finding that window and little shop!

  7. I seriously don't think I could go back to the days before cell phones. My husband drives a semi, and it is our lifeline to one another. Plus I use it as my watch. And i take it with me out to do chores, I'm hoping if I ever get kicked by a horse or slip on the ice and get hurt I'm not unconscious and my phone is not broken, it will be hard to call 911 if I'm in a coma. We dropped our house line because it was our internet, and well $60 a month for dial-up when we can use an air card for the same $ and get faster net.My 8 year old keeps asking when does he get a phone. LOL I keep telling him he doesn't.

  8. I think in your family situation mobile phones are a must (except perhaps for the 8 yo LOL). If I lived in a rural or more isolated area I would feel that it was a necessity. I get a little frustrated with the manservant because when he travels I have to wait until he has internet access before I hear from him.

  9. NEAT shot up there!! After I leave this comment I'm going to look at it in the large view..PHONES!! LOL…I can see how they must be absolutely WONDERFUL for people in families and in business, absloutely. But they make me nervous, because it means being connected all the time, like trying to slog through life in a chain gang. EEK!I'm sorry I haven't ben here much the past few days…been trying to get through this foot business. I posted a ;picture of it!

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