Heels or not …


Shoes!   Glorious shoes.   

For two days now I have been drooling over page after page of the zappos.com website just looking at shoes.  
Ridiculously high heeled shoes; flat shoes; and, downright ugly shoes.  
I'd like to buy a pair of heels for my upcoming company "prom",  but I really don't know if I will be able to wear them.  
I would guess that any potential career as a pole dancer is over!  
The manservant gave me a lovely bunch of flowers on New Year's Eve:

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  1. i ♥ shoe shopping.it's a great tragedy that the prettiest shoes are so painful to wear. i'm pretty spoiled when it comes to comfort– i wear dansko clogs every day at work and they feel great on my feet for 12+ hours a day. because of this, nothing else ever feels comfortable, especially not heels. but you have to wear them, especially with the right dress.i hope you find a beautiful pair that you can wear and survive in for a couple of hours at least!

  2. pretty flowers those are great shotsas far as shoes go I am a guy who figures if it fits wear it although of late if it fits comfortably then wear it!But as for you is there not a nice middle of the road shoe not a flat and not a kill you long pointy high heel that looks good because it would be a nice boost to your new found movement without trying to end up back in a cast?? I can picture the shoe in my head but I just can not come up with the proper name!Any way it is good to treat yourself it is a new year!

  3. BEAUTIFUL flowers!Awww,that's tough about the shoes…any chance you can a get a snazzy pair but wear a more stable pair to and from the place, and if your foot gets odd? Then wear the fancy one part of the time?I guess it's not a long-dress event, hunh?

  4. Lovely flowers and gesture by the manservant!I understand the shoe dilemma. I have what my mother charitably called duck feet so I've never been able to wear all the pretty styles that one see on the feet of normal-footed ladies.I have found that a very tapered heel of an inch and a half or so gives the illusion of it being higher. Also, as I'm sure you saw going through Zappos, the face part of your shoe depending on cut can elongate your leg–also playing down the heel height. I believe it was Jamie (above) that was subtle but I'll come right out with it: don't let vanity win. Wear a dress you feel pretty in, get your hair done, nicely accessorize and get shoes that will do no harm.How much time do people spend looking at your feet anyway?Best of luck!

  5. LOL. I have a few weeks to work on this. All the therapists at my PT place wear Dansko,or Merrell brands. My PT told me that they start wearing them as soon as they do the lecture on things that can go wrong with the foot. LOL.

  6. Gorgeous flowers. Happy New Year!Shoes. I have these extremely narrow feet that are hard to fit. And therefore shoes have always been a big expense for me. So I don't own many. I couldn't even wear penny loafers in high school like everyone else because they couldn't fit my 6A heel! So I usually have the basic walking shoe, a pair of black dress shoes, a pair of brown dress shoes and a pair of navy dress shoes. Booooorrrrrinnnngg!

  7. Go ahead and get a drop-dead gorgeous pair. You don't have to walk when you wear them, just settle down where you can show them off and enjoy yourself.I wear Merrells too, and its been ages since I bought a truly daring pair of heels. Being sensible sucks.

  8. Might be a while longer before you can wear the heels, but you could always pole dance barefoot – you know, something along a jungle theme. hehehe Beautiful flowers! Color in the middle of winter – what a wonderful husband!

  9. Thank you – yes the flowers were really pretty and a surprise! It's nice to have flowers when winter comes and there is nothing in the garden. A pair of killer stilletos would be cool ….. (it would be like one of your anime characters).

  10. LOL@ if your foot gets odd. One year I went to the "prom" with odd shoes on! I was trying to decide which pair to wear and so had one of each on – and forgot to decide!!! At least they were both black but one was patent and one was not!

  11. Those are some great suggestions Cyn – thank you! Luckily I am 5'8" so I don't need a lot of height. I just didn't want to go "clunky" as a lot of the more sensible/no-harm shoes tend to be. My PT lady said I can go from the lace up joggers to "loafers" now. LOL. She is not even in favour of flat shoes for me yet.

  12. LOL – you know we probably don't really need any more shoes than that. Like you, my sister has really narrow feet and there are way fewer options in shoes for her in Australia. She has me buy shoes here and post them to her – I always get a lecture about not putting my "fat" feet into them before I send them!

  13. I can see me now – arriving in joggers and carrying divine shoes in a plastic bag! LOL. Being sensible might suck but it also might prevent you having a foot like mine one day…. Soon I will be tsk-tsking at women in heels on the Metro! 🙂

  14. LOL – just to own them! That makes me smile. I have a purple pair that I seem to have bought just to have them. Their heels are tall and skinny and I don't think they were ever meant to be walked in.

  15. LOL Time for suggestion number two, then. When going flat/sensible, I stick to strappy/delicate/shiny stuff to keep it from being 'clunky'. A good pedicure (maybe even a toe ring?) and you'll be safe and pretty.

  16. LOL — Sadly, I'm pretty sure that my left foot is going to be fatter and wider than it was before. But my right foot used to be the bigger one so maybe they have just evened up now.

  17. lol. sounds like it! i was, and am, that flower child. after the era. in my berkeley university days, the bottoms of my feet weren't flesh colored, they were black from going barefoot near everywhere, including to school. my sister's the same way about shoes. we're freaks in our family. we pick up dimes with our toes. can you do that?

  18. LOL – part of my PT is to pick up marbles and strips of fabric with my toes and transfer them across a "line" first one direction and then the other. I'm about to graduate from this particular exercise – never tried coins though. What did you study at Berkeley?

  19. ohmigawd, marbles and fabric strips?!?! that's footie kindgarten! anyone can do that! my sister and i've held races who can pick up the dime fastest. i win. 5 seconds or so. berkeley's a long story. plan was to study journalism. right before my junior year, when i would've applied to their journalism school, they phased it out. so i went to missouri. best journalism school in the country. it was hell socially though.

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