Movement amongst the hurdles


Now I know my vacation is really over – it was back to physical therapy yesterday!   

My ankle range of motion has improved from 6 degrees to 9 degrees!    Three more degrees to go before I lose the limp and the walking stick.  I walk up stairs totally normally now – (sometimes even without hanging onto the rail. LOL). 

But, it seems as though I am still a way off being able to come down again without having to put both feet onto each step before I go to the next step down.   My brain thinks I can, but there is a serious disconnect when I attempt it.   So they have set new goals for me:  walk without a limp/stick and come down steps normally.   I will go to PT twice a week now, until those are met.   


My appointment was at 7.30 am which meant leaving the house at 6.30am. I hate leaving the house that early!   I got to my Metro to find that the escalator was out of order.  Now, there is a lift but it is across the other side of a 6-lane road and in the middle of a block – so it's in-between traffic lights!!!  I briefly weighed up the amount of time I thought it would take me to walk to one of the lights to cross over and get to the lift,  against the time I thought it would take me to descend this long, steep and deep set of escalator steps.    

I did the escalator.  It took a long time!  In fact, it took so long that 2 or 3 trains (maybe even 4 or 5) came and went during the descent!

This morning the escalator was still not fixed but I am taking the long route to the lift from now until it is repaired.   I have another PT appointment tomorrow morning, again at 7.30am.   God knows why that time seemed like a good idea when I was making appointments!

This photo reminds me of hurdles and seems appropriate!    I took it in Virginia: 

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  1. Ewwwwww………those are early!!I like mornings, but that's early for this time of year, when it's dark…and cold….and you're going to PT. YIKES!((hugs))re the steps….I understand…took me a while the last time i messed up my ankle to get the stairs thing back under control.That picture is REALLY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  2. Yes – that fence is a good symbolism of hurdles – and you have overcome some with a few left. You definitely know your vacation is over when you have to go back to the torture chamber. So glad you are coming along so well with that ankle.

  3. Wow…thats early, especially for something like PT. On the other hand, you can get on with the less painful parts of life after getting PT out of the way early in the morning.6 to 9 to 12. Those hurdles will be over soon! (Did you hear us cheering while you went down the escalator? 🙂

  4. Yes – and even more unappealing when it means that I am getting out of bed at 5.30am! I feel very old having to go down stairs in this manner! LOL. I hope your ankle & toe are getting better now.

  5. Thank you Gina. It is taking a long time but I suppose it is getting better and that's the important thing. I just had an image in my mind of this all being over and done with by now. Oh well …..

  6. So glad your ankle is improving so nicely.
    Lovely photo of the fence.
    Sorry I've not commented in awhile. I have 2 other blogs and don't always have time.
    Happy New Year to you and Astro Dweeb!

  7. LOL – I think the only thing I heard were curses behind me!! Less painful parts of life? Do you mean work? LOL. I have tried to make appointments near the end of the day so I could leave work early but they never have any openings…….

  8. Sadly, it ain't gonna happen. My appointments are now made till the end of January – most of them are late morning – so I get to leave the office for awhile but have to return.

  9. Yeah – I don't quite have the confidence "thing" going on that foot yet. I am terrified of any icy weather appearing in the next couple of months – I might not be able to leave the house. LOL.

  10. without the stick do you not use it to threaten people and us it like a finger longer so you can tap some one to get there attention or am I the only one who uses the cane that way He he…. What ever it takes you need to go for it after they chopped me up was the time they quit offering physical therapy but I need to get my own rear in gear and try to get around more… what a truly annoying pain to fine the balance between over working yourself and not doing enough… But if you did not have this going on you would not have another chapter for your book! so what will you call this book of your life?? "She came from the Land Downunder" Or "What am I doing surrounded by Americans" put some thought into it would love to hear it!

  11. O!! this is just in the house, with my big slipper-boot on, holding on to things!I went outside yesterday to walk up for the mail and was terrified. The driveway is long and hilly and there's a step down from the house.I have to go up for mail again, now, when I finish this…..Right now the swelling is acting a bit like a cast and keeping it pretty stiff, and making me unbalanced overall (LOL). When that is gone (about 2 weeks) then I'll be able to walk a little more comfortably as far as the outside world goes.I think your having had a cast on there makes things different, too. Next week I need to get my hair done…may cancel, esp if we have slippery days.I hope it stays non-slippery for us both!!

  12. If the stairs become too much of a challenge, try sliding down the rails, that's always good for a laugh. Then you can honestly tell your doctor that you didn't use either cane or limp. He/she will probably give you a Toostie Roll Pop for being such a good little girl. So have fun and hold out for the chocolate…On the other hand… its good you're making progress. Three degrees? That's nothing more than one degree a week…you can do a degree can't you? Keep your chin up and hold out for the chocolate 🙂

  13. It is nice to hear that your foot is that much improving. One degree is nothing under a normal circumstance, but I know how hard it is to improve that one degree for the people like you and me. Must be irritating to overcome the hurdles lying before you. At least I can share that feeling with you.
    Here in Japan, the new year will come after two hours from now. I wish you all the best for the new year!

  14. LOL – I will have to work on the book title. I try to do the exercises at home but I really need the appointments to make me work hard. My therapist doesn't let me rest much! I'm very good at doing the stretches at home though.

  15. Thank you Raymond. That's a good idea about the chocolate bribes! I think my days of banister-sliding are over – LOL I think I might fall off and break a bone.

  16. Thank you Margy. I hope your knee improves. Now my ankle has got a little more movement it occasionally clicks very loudly – it doesn't really hurt but it sure is noisy! LOL.

  17. Thank you Magnifika. I hope that your shoulder continues to improve – you are right, one degree does not sound much, but each one is huge! 🙂 I hope you had a pleasant start to the New Year.

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