It was good ..

We had Christmas Eve dinner with friends who have 3 year old twins.  The kids were super hyped up about Santa coming that night.  It was wonderful but, as I got caught up in their excitement, I couldn't help but think how pleased I was to be past that crack of dawn Christmas morning wake up! 

LOL – that sleep-in was not to be….     my Economist son woke me with a text message around 3.30am and followed it up with a phone call just after 5.30am. 

Still, I was happy to hear from him as I hadn't heard anything since leaving London.  He and his friend apparently got "over" Amsterdam in a couple of days and then headed to Munich.  They are now snowboarding somewhere in Germany.   

Meanwhile, the manservant and I had a really quiet day just chilling out and catching up. 

The Fortnum & Mason pudding was under a lot of pressure and it did live up to expectations -  I didn't bother making a brandy sauce;  I just poured brandy all over it!   I even shared with the manservant. 

My parents gave me money to buy something for myself for Christmas.  I am very pleased with these glass beads which I bought in Rome:    

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  1. So glad you and the manservant were able to enjoy that pudding! It is nice to be able to just relax and enjoy the day as it comes, instead of having that Christmas morning excitement hanging around. LOL

  2. LOL – wouldn't it have been sad if the pudding had been horrible? I think our New Year looks as though it is going to be quiet too (not necessarily a bad thing as I have trouble staying up past 10pm).

  3. I look forward to a quiet New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. Since I found out the new year came whether I was up or not, haven't been up to see one come in for a few years. LOL It would have really been horrible if the pudding had not been good – after carrying it all the way home, through customs and all. Love the bead necklace.

  4. That sounds so nice except for the wake up text message but then again Kids will be Kids and it probably doesn't matter how many watches and gizmos you get them to tell time where you are it will always be oops I forgot!Also love those glass glass bids yes I am part magpie or crow whichever one likes shiny and pretty things…..Have a great time and too bad about the pudding but at least you can say you had some this year!

  5. 3 year old twins………….!! Lots of energy there!The pudding is GORGEOUS!!!!! I'm glad it was great.Those beads are GLORIOUS!!!!!!!!!And quiet times after hearing from loved ones….PERFECT!I'm so happy your holiday was nice.. 🙂

  6. Thank you Robbie. I miss the really big family Christmas's we used to have when I was a child – but I certainly would not want to do the work that my mother and grandmother did on that day! (really I just want to be a kid again). 🙂

  7. Thank you. I wore the beads on Boxing Day (Friday) and they took on my body warmth and felt really nice to wear. When I was a child we would be eating left over pudding until New Year's Day! Before decimal currency my grandmother would put threepence and sixpence coins in it – the decimal currency coins were made of something which was supposedly toxic if boiled in your food. My grandmother had a collection of the old coins and would still put them in the pudding but we used to have to cash them in for "real" money at the end of lunch/dinner. I think the supply got less and less each year until there were no coins available to put in the pudding. Old traditions are wonderful!

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