Greenwich ….

Well ….  I am a very determined person and so we did get to Greenwich Observatory today.

The very helpful man at the Canary Row railway station told me that if we got off at Cutty Sark station there is a "level" access to the Observatory which would be easier for me.  It meant coming in from around the back and was a slightly longer walk but it avoided that steep uphill climb which every one else does and which affords a nice view for the able bodied.

This is the view we got as we arrived: 

We met many of these nasty little things on our walk through the park:

This Red Ball on top of Flamsteed House is one of the world's earliest public time signals.  It still falls at 13:00 (local time) every day: 

The Meridian Line is the Prime  Meridian of the World, Longitude 0 degrees: 

Everyone gets a photo taken like this:

This was the view from the Observatory (note the blue sky again!) 

The Weller Astronomy Galleries – inside are a series of interactive displays;

We investigated the Camera Obscura (though I did not like being in the dark with a walking stick – there is something very unstable feeling about that) – we watched boats moving on the river by a lens and rotating mirror projected onto a table top;  we went to the Octagon Room designed by Christopher Wren to observe celestial events like eclipses and comets;  we saw the apartments used by the Astronomers Royal and their families and we followed the development  of the clock as well as some other interesting displays including the original telescopes used by Ramsteed, Halley and other Astronomers Royal. 

On the way back to the station we stopped to admire King William IV


We stopped to see how much progress has been made on the restoration of the burnt Cutty Sark (hidden under marquees),  explored the Greenwich marketplace, bought lunch from stalls (I had a really nice roast pork with apple sauce roll – the guy was roasting the pig there on a makeshift spit). 

Greenwich street: 

Then it was back  on to the train for the trip back to our hotel and a well deserved rest for me.    It was a lovely day out and quite a nice way to finish a trip to London……   oh, except for the fish and chips to be had in the corner pub for dinner!

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  1. LOL I am the only one who has been to Greenwich who doesn't have one of "those" pictures. I obviously did not know what I was doing because I really didn't see much. I obviously didn't explore much! *shakes head* what a maroon I am!

  2. I went to a camera obscura in Edinburgh a few years ago. I know they operate by simple principles of reflection, etc., but it still sort of blew my mind a bit.I've been enjoying your holiday photos.

  3. the camera obscura is the personal favorite of your trip thus far. i adore astronomy (could've easily become one professionally if i'd opted for that path) and wherever there's an observatory where i'm traveling, i'm there (the last i visited was in flagstaff, arizona, remarkable it was …) thanks for the post!

  4. Oh – that's funny! We arrived just before a bus load of French school children who monopolized the line for about half an hour – much to the annoyance of other "mature" tourists.

  5. Thank you M—-l. Yes – once I had gotten through the double curtain and assessed that I was not about to fall over on an uneven floor I really enjoyed this. It was neat to actually go outside and "find" the actual boats on the river too.

  6. I knew that with your interest in Astronomy you would've really enjoyed this trip today. Snowy had me a little worried about the hike up there but once again I found people to be really helpful if you ask what is the best way to do something. Even at the Observatory they stepped forward to undo cordons for me instead of making me walk long ways or down steps.

  7. The camera obscura was such a cool experience! It was also interesting to see bits and pieces about Galileo here after hearing/seeing so much about him in Italy. Astronomy is so fascinating……

  8. Good for you, Emjay! I never would have thought you'd make it. I should have known better than to underestimate your determination. Yes, the observatory has much to interest the astronomy buff. There is also a laser beam that shines out at night along the 0 degrees meridian line. The corner pub recalls many fond memories. Hope you found the apartments to your liking. I can recommend the Indian restaurant on the corner, although prices are a bit steep like everywhere in London.

  9. Too bad you did not go and get some extra relaxation in Amsterdam but it looks like you had a great day except for those strange little guards you meet, to some people they make rats seem like nice animals were as for me none of them really bother me anymore! So you got a good feed of English fish and chips now that might just make any trip worth while except I hate fish unless deep fried and battered, and no silver jewelry stores in sight too bad!Looks nicer there then the snow storm we are having here with extremely cold temperature!

  10. i think so. i've had at least one lifetime like Galileo (not him, like him, lol) … a total loner rarely leaving a little room, studying and studying and drawing maps. i still feel that passion …

  11. We arrived just before a bus load of French school children who monopolized the line for about half an hour – much to the annoyance of other "mature" tourists. They probably just wanted to see how it compared with the other Prime Meridian in Paris…John

  12. Looks like you are much more mobile then the last time I checked your page. I hope your having a great time. Are you back in NY? I hear the weather there is very cold or is turning very cold in the next day or so.

  13. LOL – I'm an example of why Aussies make such good allies. I didn't realise the final bit of the hill would be so steep so was very glad that we came in from the back way (thanks to the London Underground employee). My foot was quite sore the next day but as I was only going to be sitting in an airport and then plane I wasn't too bothered (after some codeine). We had one meal at the Indian place and got some vegetable dishes take away another night – great food! London was certainly expensive!! Thank you for recommending the apartments – they were in a great location and it was handy having the kitchen. The water pressure was a bit "suss" up on the 5th floor but the staff were really, really helpful and patient with all my silly questions. I would stay there again.

  14. Hi grannyjewell … yes getting more mobile each day now. I had a fabulous trip – arrived home to DC, in the wee hours of this morning, to find ice on my front steps!

  15. It was really interesting. There are so many interesting astronomical "things" around the world – it would be wonderful to just travel exploring them – pity we have to work!

  16. LOL …. I have to build up the bank balance again before going anywhere else. The poor a-dweeb was holding the fort down here at home – though he did have a trip to Hawaii (work) during my time away so don't feel too sorry for him.

  17. I spent 4 years in Germany and did a little traveling while I was there and will tell you one thing the greatest enjoyment I have ever had is seeing the differences between our cultures even though our ancestery is linked very closely.

  18. It was a trip back down memory lane for me as I went there in 1976 and loved it but probably didn't understand what I was looking at. Of course back then the Cutty Sark was on display in all her magnificence.

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