R & R Day


After such an exhaustive day yesterday, today I spoilt myself a little.  I bought a fairly ridiculously expensive piece of silver jewelery, just because my credit card worked; and I spent some time in Kensington Gardens which is not a far hobble from where we are staying. 

Our nearest tube (underground) station is Lancaster Gate and each time I have come out I have smiled at this sign: 

There are 2 lifts to take people to street level – today we were jammed into one of the lifts and it just wasn't going anywhere and of course the other lift would not come while there was already one there.  I was starting to wonder if I was going to have to climb these steps when a policeman appeared and got everything working.   We had  just come from Shepherd's Bush where police with sniffer dogs had approached my son and his friend with a "howdy chaps" and a good sniff by the dog.  Luckily they have Amsterdam as the next stop.

So after a couple of hours shopping at the new Westfield's at Shepherd's Bush (which is far, far posher than any Sydney Westfield's!) I enjoyed some down time  in the beautiful Kensington Gardens  It reached a "balmy" 12 degrees Celsius today and there were actually people in tee shirts in the park.

I loved this seat dedication – though I have no idea who Harvey was,  he obviously provided wonderful company:

This was what Harvey and his companion sat and looked at:  

This photo is for Gina who posts wonderful shots of birds each day: (she actually labels what the birds are – I have no idea what these are but their beaks were gorgeous):

The fountains are really beautiful and it was relaxing to sit for awhile (even though I thought it was cold). In the distance is a woman feeding two graceful swans:

All too soon the sun was setting …  (it seems to set just after 4pm!) and it was time to head indoors: 

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  1. I wonder who Harvey was. I can understand why he spent so much time in Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park.Kensington Palace is worth a look, although there is a sense of sadness that two unhappy princesses lived there, Diana and Margaret. I see from Wiki that "Today it is the official residence of The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester; the Duke and Duchess of Kent; and Prince and Princess Michael of Kent. Kensington Palace is also used on an unofficial basis by Prince Harry, as well as his cousin Zara Phillips".You'd have to wonder if there's some fights over the bathroom at times.

  2. I saw the signs to the palace and to the Princess Diana memorial but it didn't say how far a walk it was. Tomorrow is our last day here and I had thought about taking the train to Greenwich……… (I'm pretty sure you did a post on that too).LOL at the image of Royalty queuing for a bathroom!

  3. Tomorrow is our last day here and I had thought about taking the train to Greenwich……… Be sure to get a picture of the Prime Meridian! I bought a fairly ridiculously expensive piece of silver jewelery, just because my credit card worked;Do you need a better reason? 8:-)

  4. It is a long walk from your side of Hyde Park to the other toKensington Palace. I wouldn't bother with the Diana memorial.We took a Thames cruise to Greenwich. There is quite a long walk up the hill to the observatory where you get to stand on the 0 degrees meridian line, so maybe Greenwich isn't such a good idea, although the maritime museum is well worth a look where you can see the bullet hole in Nelson's coat.I'm wondering if a trip to Windsor Castle might be better. There are details at the apartments where you are staying of a bus you can catch that drops you off right outside the castle. There's not too many steps to negotiate from what I can remember, and there is quite a lot of interesting stuff to see, including the bullet that killed Nelson. He seems to be everywhere you go in London in some form or another. His tomb is at St Paul's cathedral.

  5. LOL – I had intended doing the one foot on each side…. but now I see Snowy's response below and I might rethink what to do now.I attempted to buy some perfume in Boots (a store like CVS) and neither of my credit cards would work – they said I needed some sort of "chip" in my cards. They worked in Italy ok but as the perfume was the first time I had tried them here in London I wondered if something had gone "wrong". I saw this piece and really liked it but I went away for 2 hours to think about it before finally committing and hoping that a card would work. I'm not sure now whether to be happy the card worked or not LOL …. (joke).

  6. I really appreciate your advice Snowy. I will be wandering off to bed soon and will ask at reception about Windsor Castle. I might check out the weather forecast also. Cruising on the river sounds quite nice but I like warmer weather for water activities.

  7. what a great place to stop and look although the only Harvey is a 6ft tall invisible Rabbet but other then that not a clue, but silver jewelry anything like that I stay away from or I end up buying it lots of it I have boxes and boxes of jewelry which I did give much of it away I must be part crow or magpie where shiny bobbles get to me!Amazing photos looks nice their except for the temperature we had a big snow the other day and are expecting another tonight and throughout tomorrow!You just keep having fun!

  8. The place I wanted to visit that I was talking about in the
    last post It is known as Cleopatra's
    Needle, also are you going to Amsterdam to truly mellow out??

    Also Excellent Photos!

  9. *shock* I wish I'd known you were going to be in the UK Emjay – I'd have blagged some time off and met up with you in London… it's only an hour and a half from us 😦

  10. Yes they must spend a lot of money on upkeep of the parks. I was surprised to see so much green in them in winter! I don't have parks like that near me in DC – once winter comes the grass goes yellow or dies – and they never seem to get much grass to grow on the National Mall.

  11. LOL – my son and his friend are going to Amsterdam. My son will enjoy the change of pace after trailing around slowly after me for 3 weeks. I saw some nice silver jewellery today in the market place but resisted the urge to buy any. I hope you don't get snowed in!!

  12. Isn't it intriguing? I love a good mystery. It was in a lovely spot…… I sat quietly looking at what they must have looked at many, many times and just wondered. Now I am wondering if it was a faithful dog and not a "who".

  13. I had fish and chips tonight – in a pub – on a plate! In Australia they now wrap them in butchers paper – but there are still places in the country (small town cafes) which will wrap them in newspaper.

  14. Claire – I thought about it but then between your classes and your chook-sitting I didnt think you would have time – especially as it was during the week also. Next time – I promise! 🙂 (now I know that you will wag work!)

  15. Thank you … at least with the sign you knew what you were facing. Actually I saw a few similar signs throughout the Underground – at least no-one can get halfway up and say they didn't know!

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