Christopher Robin went down with Alice….

This morning we played Christopher Robin and Alice and went to watch the changing guard at Buckingham Palace.

It was bitterly cold standing there waiting for all the pomp and ceremony to start and then it got progressively colder as we waited for it to finish!  One thing about the British – they do pomp and ceremony very well.

At this time of year they only do it every second day – .

As you can see we were perfectly positioned for the receding shots!

We then went to Fortnum & Mason which has wonderful Christmas window displays – but only a couple of my photos were not "ruined" by spectator reflections in the windows LOL.

I bought a Fortnum & Mason Christmas pudding – I have to have pudding at Christmas.  As Cat mentioned recently I used to make the family pudding every year – using a recipe that my grandmother used for 60 years.  Now that I live in the States I find that it is a waste to do it as no-one seems to eat pudding. 

This pudding cost me 10 pounds!  (I would use the pound symbol but my keyboard only has $ and I'm not getting into the whole insert symbol thing)  It weighs 450 gms (1lb) – I am going to savour every morsel of it

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  1. Thank you Patricia. I will be taking the pudding home to have on Christmas Day – it is not a proper Christmas day without pudding! I did buy some fruit mince tarts to enjoy over the next 5 days – there are 6 of them so one day I am going to have to enjoy two. LOL.

  2. That is too bad some times there are things that just say Christmas, some it is that Christmas cake which is usually everything under the sun in it but I can remember pudding but that was long long ago! So enjoy every bit of it, but it is too bad you can not make it and share it with others who might like it too!I wish it was cold here it is raining very windy and in the fourths meaning something bad is coming our way! Enjoy yourself because it all sounds so wonderful!

  3. LOL – I prefer brandy sauce – water, cornflour and lots of brandy! It must be expensive to live here unless one has a good job. I could get used to the cold (Washington DC can be pretty cold) but I would miss not being able to afford good food!

  4. Do "cripples" have magic carpets here? All the stairs out of the tube stations!! And when they have escalators they go so fast I am almost scared getting onto them! And don't mention the "gap" …. I didn't realise how much I took a healthy foot for granted! LOL.

  5. I wonder why it is not so traditional anymore. My children hate it (and they assure me all their young friends do too), my (American) husband tried it just to be polite and the friends I have in DC do not eat or serve it.

  6. LOL – I saw the sign about the number of steps out of there and would've gone to Paddington instead of tackling them – even in an emergency which is the only time they suggest you use those stairs – I would've walked down the bloody tracks! Haven't attempted a bus yet – that looks harder than the trains! One thing I have noticed, both here and in Italy – people are/were really quick to stand up for me to have a seat on the trains. They been brung up proper!

  7. These guys remind me of the guards on the Wizard of Oz. (the ones with the gray coats and black fuzzy hats) Do they play music while they are changing guard?And when do you arrive back in the states gf?

  8. Fortnum and Mason do a fabulous christmas pud! My aunt used to shoplift them back in the 80s and then send them to people as gifts. Along with other stuff, some of which had security labels on. Glad to hear you enjoyed London, did you go on the London Eye? You can see for MILES!

  9. The photos of the changing guard are beautifully taken! Thanks to your patience, we can enjoy very its good photos. As I am short among Westerners, all I could take there was people's heads.LOL
    Enjoy your Fortnum & Mason pudding, and take good care of your foot!

  10. LOL re Alice! 🙂 It would've been better if I had got a couple of shots from the front but once we were in place and the "troops" started coming the police would not let anyone move.

  11. Yes – there is a small military band which plays music – when they change, inbetween the changing and after the changing. I get back home late Saturday night – back to work on Monday. 😦

  12. LOL – I think they are probably dead. The store was established 300 years ago. It is known as a "purveyor" of fine foods and still supplies the Royal household. You can read the History here. My grandmother used to send something, at Christmas, to us in Australia from there setting up a romantic notion in my head about the store.

  13. LOL – your aunt!! That is ballsy! The (fruit) mince pies are wonderful so I'm sure the pudding is going to be delicious too. I am in London until Saturday so hope to go to the Eye before leaving. It seemed pretty foggy today – maybe not so good for seeing miles.

  14. I found some short people to stand behind! My son is 6 feet 3" so a couple of times I passed him my camera. There are a lot of steps all in the train system here. I am having to work my foot a bit harder than it wants to be worked! It is looking forward to getting back to its desk job next week. LOL.

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