Flooding & Fashion


If you stand in front of the Fendi store at night something happens ….  No, you don't suddenly find that you can afford anything!  The smallest wallet in here was nearly 300 euros!!   The store makes a pretty display though:

Today all the news here is the Tiber River overflowing.  A couple of bridges which have stood for centuries are in real danger of collapsing;  houseboats have come undone from moorings and have crashed into some of the bridges causing other damage.  They have sandbagged the lower levels. There has been a State of Emergency declared for Rome.

It did not rain here today but it has started again this evening.  Earlier we walked down to the river close to where we are staying.  It is flowing incredibly fast (hard to tell from the photos) – it is 5 metres higher than it normally flows:

We fly out of Rome before 7am tomorrow morning so that means an early start to get to the airport in time.  London, via Munich airport (5 hours), here we come..

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  1. The flood looks bad I hope no one was hurt. You will love London, I went in March and wish I could go again it is such a wonderful place and fish and chips at the local pub is a cheap meal.

  2. ooh! I love fish & chips! One of my favourite memories growing up was fish & chips wrapped in newspaper eaten on a beach in Sydney! Sadly, 4 people have drowned here – including one woman whose car was washed away, and one Irish tourist who was taking photos while drunk (!!!).

  3. I organised everything myself. I used TripAdvisor.com to check out hotel reviews and best areas to stay but then I booked with Expedia.com as they were having a hotel "sale". I even bought the rail tickets for travelling within Italy in America. The place we are staying in in London was recommended by Snowy here on vox. It is an apartment type place with kitchen so my son can cook and save us some money LOL.

  4. Thank you Karen. I'm not sure how much internet I will have in London. The hotels in Italy had it in all the rooms (costly though). My foot is hanging in there – last night was a bad night – all that walking for the Colosseum trip – quite a few pain killers were swallowed!

  5. I am sorry to hear that lives have been lost, it is such a tragedy.In my mind when I went to London I just had to have fish and chips, I had it at a different pub each day and a pint of beer, not bad for someone who doesn't like beer, at each pub I would ask the what was their recommeded beer, they would pour a small glass of each and I would test them. Every pub did that I thought it was very good service. As for the fish and chips, huge the biggest serve ever and well worth it.

  6. It's good you're leaving, soon. Rome isn't very inviting at the moment.London is just wonderful. I have been there, only once, and it was a very peculiar trip, not very touristic. I might post about it, one day. The story has much vomit and toilets in it – not alcohol, food or drug induced. London is just soooo beautiful and you have to love the Brits. Weather might be quite frosty, though. I envy your fish and chips experience, I love it, too.

  7. Very pretty lights but if you spent 300euros what would you have left to put into the wallet!!? You have to love a vacation you never know what you might see when your there so you can say you seen some of the worst flooding in Rome in 2008, I feel sorry for those who had their homes float away and loose everything! Well enjoy the rest of your trip it must be coming to and end soon!

  8. LOL – they did not seem to be short of customers in any of the expensive shops! – people were actually buying! Our driver was telling us that his jogging path along the side of the river was under water and that it was the first time that had happened. We are now expecting some cold and wet weather in London!

  9. I liked all cities for different reasons. Florence was wonderful to "walk" in, Rome has really friendly people and the ancient ruins and Milan had that magnificent cathedral and the palace (which I was really taken with) plus – if I had a lot of money, the fashion! I think Milan had the best coffee but Florence had the pastries!

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