Like Disney castle

My foot was so fat this morning that I had trouble getting it squashed into my shoe!  But, it was only 3 Celsius outside so the frigid air acted like an ice pack and my shoe felt a little more comfortable after awhile.

We walked to the cathedral – which is like a Disney castle – lots of gorgeous spires – in fact there are 135 spires.    

Milan's cathedral is the 3rd largest church in the world and has the tallest stained glass windows in the world (made in the 15th century).  

There are over 3,500 statues of saints, animals and monsters around the cathedral and there are five bronze doors with 17th century reliefs.

Dominating the city is the statue of La Madonnina at a height of 108.5 metres (sculpted in 1774).  With a point & shoot camera it was difficult to get a good shot:

There are 5 aisles separated by 52 piers (for 52 weeks of the year). 

We caught the lift up to the roof terraces – we were on the top terrace for a short time before they shut it because ice was forming!!.  We then got to walk around on the lower terrace.   The cost of the lift was 7 euros each; there was a 2 euro discount for climbing the steps (LOL – if only).  These shots were taken while walking around the terraces: 

The sun was in just the right position for this shot 

This evening we wandered back to see the Christmas tree lit up in the square in front of the Cathedral – this really did give that Disney feel: 

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  1. Wow…thats I saw the first picture and started thinking, 'Just how many spires are those?' and saw your answer in the next line. Just amazing.I hope your foot gets better really soon.

  2. funny to hear it called having a Disney Feel but In a way that is the closest thing in the USA that would match up too these castles and churches of the Europeans… For a point n shoot it is still great shots and it probably was more fun and less crowded then Disney well my be not Euro Disney! take good care of the foot you!

  3. My little camera is getting a real workout. I bought a 4Gb card for it before I came and it is fast filling up! LOL – you should see the queue outside the Disney stores here! (Christmas must be coming).

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