Good bye Florence

We left Florence today and travelled by Eurostar (train) to Milan – a trip of nearly 3 hours.  After the relative quietness of Rome and Florence, Milan is absolutely bustling with crowds!  And, snow is forecast!

This is one of the last shots I took in Florence  – it was taken through an iron gate down near the River Arno.


I have so many photos of Florence and it is proving difficult to go through them effectively while I am on the road.  The price of internet is costly – interestingly our cheapest hotel was the one in Rome which offered free internet while the expensive hotels of Florence and this one in Milan charge 20 euros a day. 

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7 responses

  1. 20 Euros a day!!!! I suppose they think that because you're staying at an expensive hotel, that money is no object. Will look forward to your piccies when you return.

  2. You need to get more memory cards for your camera also one of them on line places to store you photos! although the price of memory cards you should have bought extra and saved your photos on them, But as long as your having fun and enjoying the time your spending with your son, A few extra dollars although I have no idea of exchange on Euros, you can not take it with you and everyone love Kraft dinner! Ha Ha He he! Enjoy and Take care you deserve a nice time

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