Pisa time

Yesterday was a huge day!   I had assumed that they would pick us up in a tour bus and we would drive to the Tower, in Pisa,  stop,  get out and take photos and then zoom back to Florence.


There were eleven tourists squished into the tiniest tour bus with a very good guide who pointed out things of interest on the one & quarter hour trip.   She was quite busy translating into English for the majority of us and then Spanish for three people.  (She also spoke German and of course Italian – coming across people who speak more than 2 languages is always a little humbling I think).  As we were pulling into Pisa she mentioned that we had a 10 minute walk from the carpark.  Oh-oh!   

My son & I muddled along at the back of the group – under pressure I think I walked a bit quicker than I have been.

The area of the Leaning Tower of Pisa is known as the Field of Miracles (Campo dei Miracoli) – there are actually four buildings – an incredibly impressive cathedral, the Leaning Tower (which is actually the bell tower to the cathedral), the Baptistery and the Camposanto Cemetery. 

The Tower was much smaller than I had imagined but then I had not realised that it was just a bell tower!  Legend has it that Galileo (Pisa born)  threw objects off the Tower and timed their fall.

The Cathedral was amazing – commenced in 1063 – the nave is 320 feet and the ceiling is gilded.  The pulpit is 15 feet tall. 

The Baptistery is the biggest in Italy and has great acoustics – we were given an example of this with a soprano singing.

The Camposanto Cemetery is famous for its "Holy Land" dirt which supposedly reduces a body to skeleton in a day. 

The writer of Pinocchio was born near Pisa and there were heaps of little Pinocchio tourist items – yes I bought a couple  LOL – they were the first "things"  I bought in Italy.

I was so tired when we got back to Florence that I could hardly drag myself out for dinner.  I love that so many places here have marquees heated with gas heaters so that you can still enjoy the outdoor dining experience:

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  1. I AM SO JEALOUS, lovely photos too! I am surprised about the outdoor heaters but but I bet it is wonderful, although it sounds more of a place for lovers then Mom and Son! But no matter how you slice it; it sounds wonderfully enjoyable, take care of that foot unless you have had a Miracle and your foot is better then enjoy a nice run!I am just too jealous!

  2. Thank you Jamie – I am pleased with my point & shoot cannon! I think my foot is slowly improving. The first few days it was way too sore to even think about doing the PT exercises they made me bring but I will be able to do some tonight I think. The cafes get really busy and this way they can operate all day – great for watching people walk by!

  3. Thank you for sharing the information on the tower. I did not realize its position as a bell tower to a cathedral. Very interesting and, of course, your pictures are lovely.I hope your poor foot is not being overworked. But I am sure seeing everything is worth it all.

  4. i had that very experience at the tower of pisa as well — smaller than you envision/anticipate. The Camposanto Cemetery is famous for its "Holy Land" dirt which supposedly reduces a body to skeleton in a day. haha. they'd better bone up on biology!

  5. Absolutely wonderful pictures Emjay. It is so good of you to share your vacation! You are really giving that ankle a workout…but so well worth it. I love the Italian architecture – but then all of Europe has some fantastic architecture.

  6. To me, that lamp was the highlight of the trip. To actually see the lamp that was seminal to the events leading to the Enlightenment was something I will never forget. I couldn't get enough of the history throughout Europe. I could spend years there soaking it all up.

  7. As most buildings are "ancient" there are not a lot of allowances made for the disabled. When I was looking into hotels I had to pay particular attention to whether they had a lift!

  8. LOL – I sneaked out of the country while you were holidaying down under! This is my first trip to Italy and I can see that I am going to have to come back when both my feet are working – there is so much I am having to miss at the moment.

  9. Thank you Gina – your cameras would love it here. My foot is working a bit harder than it wants to – I hope it holds up for the rest of the trip – it was horribly swollen this morning.

  10. I wonder if that is because we come from such a young country. Our guide in Rome was fascinated with how young "modern" culture is in Australia. He asked what people "looked at" when they visited – it gave me a laugh as I tried to come up with a building comparable to something in Rome!

  11. He asked what people "looked at" when they visited – it gave me a laugh as I tried to come up with a building comparable to something in Rome! Oh, I don't know about that. Uluru trumps that poofy Colisseum, any day…

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