Rome in a day

By the time I got back to the hotel last night my foot was really hurting and was quite blue!  I decided that today we would do a private tour of the Ancient Monuments of Rome.  So I booked with the car service the hotel uses. 
They charge 35 euros per hour and drive you around in a comfy Mercedes – which looks a little incongruous in a city full of smart cars!

(I did investigate a tour company but the cost was 55 euros per person for 3 hours and in a group situation where I would have been the slowest and where I would feel uncomfortable about that)

 We went to the Colosseum,  the Roman Forum, the Pantheon,  an area where they had chariot races,  some churches, Capital Hill,   impressive ruins, arches and statues.

 We visited St Peter's Basilica which is incredibly beautiful and where they took pity on this poor woman hobbling with a walking stick and actually approached me and asked if I would like to go in the disabled access and up the elevator instead of climbing the steps! (yes, I did!)

We leave on the train for Florence tomorrow morning  – we come back to Rome for a few days at the end of the trip and we will do museums, Vatican City and inside the Colosseum then.

I took many photos today but the camera has a memory flash card not an SD card and this computer only has a slot for SD cards!!


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  1. You should have joined the begging gypsies in the queue at the Vatican. You'd have paid for your trip in an hour. Hope you get to see David in Florence. He's a bit hard to find, so be warned.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful trip so far – and to have been driven around instead of trying to get there yourself must have been really nice. The elevators are good. LOL Glad you are enjoying your tour and not holed up in pain in a motel room.

  3. {waves buon giorno} glad your fatigued foot is gettin' some rest and not depriving you of adventure. people fall in love in florence. uh, i mean with florence. (or do i?) be careful! enjoy!

  4. Sounds wonderful except for the blue foot but you can not take your money with you so enjoy it and when given the chance throw pride out the window and enjoy the easy way! time to go buy a few more memory cards for your camera and sample some nice wine for me!

  5. LOL – didn't see many beggars where we were in Rome but today outside the Duomo we were inundated – lots of women with photos of children or babies. I have booked us into a tour to see David tomorrow – that way we won't miss him and I won't have to wait in line for hours to get a ticket/in.

  6. Yes thankyou! After you suggested it, I contacted the hotel and they organised a car to pick us up at the airport – it was about 5 euros more than a taxi (should be) and was so much more comfortable. When I booked the private tour they used the same company and the same driver turned up! It was quite funny – made me feel much more comfortable.

  7. LOL the photos. I never thought to see if the card out of that camera would go in the little computer I have. My point & shoot camera SD card fits without a problem though – so they will be "instamatic" photos for awhile.

  8. It was a fantastic time – the driver was really good with his information (not like we would know differently really) and willing to let us out when we wanted to take photos of things we were just driving past etc.

  9. I was a bit worried the first night that I had ruined my foot for the whole trip but it seems to be settling down. I just have to realise I have limitations and spend some time resting each day.

  10. There's a shuttle bus from the parking area in Pisa to the cathedral. The shuttle bus is usually packed, and that's where the pickpockets operate. The lamp is still in the cathedral whose swinging inspired Galileo's interest in pendulums, and made him change from studying medicine to science. Given the impact of Galileo's future scientific discoveries on the authority of religion, the more irreverant of us consider this to be "divine guidance".

  11. I am sure the atmosphere is absolutely wonderful !!! I lived in England for three years, and I still remember how excited I was the first time I went to London. I so want to make it to Europe again and see all those beautiful buildings and go to the museums I didn't get to go to before.

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