No Way!

Landed in Rome early this morning. 

Walked very slowly to the Spanish Steps (5 minute "normal" walk from our hotel).

Got there and thought "no way" ….. 

This is the economist on his way down in the rain.   

I have managed to get 8 hours free internet in our room – too bad I will be asleep for most of it!  

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  1. LOL – I think this photo was taken from the top of the first "group" which was only 4 steps. My son took photos from the top but I haven't seen them yet – he is out taking photos of the nightlife – I am exhausted!

  2. yeah! now you will have to look for a young strong Italian gentleman to carry you to the top of the steps! I wish I had a better suggestion on how to get around without killing yourself but even a wheel chair unless it has a track on it your stuck to enjoying things from afar! or even further away depending on your foot that day!being injured sucks!

  3. There you are in Rome!!
    Please extend my hello to the seagull at the window sill of the top floor restaurant of Hotel Hassler. And do not miss recommended wine there. The owner and president of the hotel, Mr Roberto Wirth, is a collector and connoisseur of local wines. They serve you exquisite wine! Have a great time!!
    (Mr. Wirth is deaf but not mute. His effort has made him eloquent in six languages. Very attractive gentleman.)

  4. Ooh – not good! The city is really, really quiet – hardly any tourists at all – it must be very slim pickings for pick pockets/con men at the moment. The walking stick probably marks me as a potential victim but it also makes a weapon of sorts.

  5. Thank you Worker. It is really nice spending time with him – I saw him last in March so there is a lot of catching up to do – though I am not sure how much 21 year olds "share" with their mothers!

  6. Oh – I wish I had "spoken" to you before I left! We leave Rome tomorrow for Florence but come back near the end of my trip so I will have to keep this info for then. Any other advice?

  7. I am worried about your leg! Is it all right?
    In Florence, my shopping always includes "Madova"s leather gloves, abundant in color and size and fit well. If you are interested, Here is a piccolo info:
    Madova: Cross Ponte Vecchio from Uffizi museum side and soon you will see Pitti Palace Hotel on the right. The shop is right opposite left side of the hotel. It is small enough to miss easily. If you happen to visit Pitti Palace, you will pass the street. Probably it is closed on Sun.& Mon. during winter.

  8. Boy, that looks really tough! But Rome is such a gorgeous place. I hope it's not too crowded yet. I really really want to go there some day, hopefully in the next 3-5 years. Enjoy your trip in Europe! There's nothing like the European charm.

  9. Oooh thankyou. A pair of leather gloves would be wonderful. Pitti Palace is on my list to hopefully visit. My foot is okay – not as good as I was hoping it would be but I am just trying not to overdo it but still enjoy my time here. Next week we will be in Milan – any ideas of things I should not miss?

  10. oh you are not so far from germany now emjay. nice to have you much nearer now. i was in rome in the summer time and i remember that i sat down on the stairs for hours just watching the people passing by. enjoy your time. susan.

  11. Thank you Susan. I am also enjoying people watching. The closest I will get to seeing Germany is a few hours in Munich airport…. I hope to see your country some day.

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