Hair and gone….

Continuing in my efforts to support my local neighbourhood businesses, yesterday I had an appointment at a hair salon (not the one which would not take my appointment before)  for 11am.  I arrived at 10.55 am and was told that the "stylist"  was on his way.    

At about 11.10 the receptionist noticed me glancing at my watch and sighing so she went out the back to find "someone"  to wash my hair.   I was then left sitting in a most uncomfortable stool-like chair which tried to throw me forward out of itself; and with wet hair under a shower cap and a wet towel on my shoulders.

The stylist finally turned up just after 11.20!      At 12.40 he was still snipping away – I had short hair to begin with but he would cut a bit, stand back and admire it,  fluff it around a little and then move in for a bit more cutting.  The chair is cleverly positioned so that I could not see myself in a mirror unless I leaned almost out of it.  I was anxiously watching the offcuts on the floor to asses how much hair was going!

The manservant was entertaining himself with wifi, coffee and pastries in a nearby cafe and  eventually sent a text message:    Is he cutting hair by hair? 

The guy did do a good job and I will go back but I will probably not make the first appointment of his day – or maybe not the day after a holiday!

It is sunny here today but cold ….   and some freezing rain is forecast for tonight and tomorrow. 

I wish I was in the Blue Mountains in Australia!   I took these photos when I was there in March – back in the days when I could bushwalk and do steps properly!  I did not play tennis, but I could've if I had wanted to! 


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  1. With a tennis court in that setting, I would have to take up tennis – to play or photograph. LOL Don't you hate having to wait and wait for a haircut and then have it take so long? At least, it sounds like he did a good job.

  2. Great photos! I can't believe your haircut turned out to be such a long process. At least you had a good result. I went through one of these long-long-long haircuts once and I came out looking like a funny 80-year-old lady for the next 3 months. Thus I stopped supporting our local hair salon business.

  3. Isn't it in a gorgeous location! I hate that I am in time for my appointments and that others are not. He did do a good job on my hair but I can't see why it took so long. LOL.

  4. LOL – I hope I am not looking like a funny 80 year old and don't know it! I only realised when I got home that I had not seen the back of my head before I left – I was in a rush by the time he got the dryer out because the manservant was obviously getting tired of waiting for me.

  5. Did you get any pictures of the famous Three Sisters? Blue Mountains, uh, is that west of Sydney? Sorry for the poor geography memory but I do recall someone telling me it was a beautiful area. So, now that you have a hair cut are you going to pose, you know do a self portrait? Okay, how about a picture of you holding a tennis racket? Just kidding…have a good day my friend 🙂

  6. I do have photos of the Three Sisters – but they were another year as they are in a different area to where I went this year. Yes, the Blue Mountains are west of Sydney – they are part of the Great Dividing Range which runs north south for 3,500 kms. LOL – the self portrait! Never intentionally more than my feet!

  7. They are great photos just think by next spring you will be able to cha cha or tennis anyone! or run up a flight of stairs at your own whim! I though the way you were talking about the hair styles was like the one barber I have heard of there is a lot of scissor clipping noises but he either cuts a bit then dose nothing and charges for it! I was afraid you had one of those stories where you had to go to another hair dresser to fix his mess up! Have a great rest until you have to go back to work!

  8. LOL – just walking up the stairs normally will be wonderful! After I told the guy what I wanted done to my hair, I kept thinking that "he is probably just doing what he wants to do!" – especially as I could not see what he was doing.

  9. Thank you Purple. A bushwalk is the same as a hike. We also have an expression "going bush" to describe walking off into the bush & camping. LOL – yes definitely an hour too long in that uncomfortable chair. I was starting to get pretty impatient at the end. I said a lot of "ok, that will be good" in the hope he would release me. I was very relieved to see him get the hairdryer because that was my prompt to say oh don't worry about drying it! (probably saving another half hour! LOL)

  10. Your article was thrilling!! When I read up to the line that your hair was nicely done, finally came a sigh of relief. lol
    Your photos of the Blue Mountains are gorgeous and informative as well. I am visiting there on Feb. 4, 2009!! The cruise this time does not have any tour to Ululu from Sydney. So I chose the tour to the Blue Mountains. Thinking of "bushwalk" there is exciting!

  11. Ah. I like that term better than 'hike'. It sounds more daring and fun. I will use it when we go to the Grand Canyon later next month, though I'm not sure if there are any bushes in the area. :)A perfectionist with a hangover..well, I guess its good that he was an expert and a perfectionist. A newbie with a hangover might have been dangerous!

  12. I always think a walk in the bush sounds more in tune with nature than "hike". Oooh! Grand Canyon – it's going to be cold. I was surprised to see snow there when we went a few years ago. It hadn't occurred to me that it would snow out there. It is spectacular.

  13. LOL – without a mirror to see how things were going I was suspecting that he might have to keep evening up the sides! You are going to love the Blue Mtns! You will probably go to Katoomba and the Three Sisters and the very steep scenic railway!

  14. Wow..did you go in December as well? Did you go for a bushwalk? 🙂 We are planning to hike on the Bright Angel trail..not all the way, maybe the 1 1/2 mile or the 3 mile rest stop. I can't wait for the 'spectacular' part!

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