Six Degrees of ….. Movement

This whole walking "thing" is very tiring!  

Twice this week I have walked 5 blocks. On Tuesday it was the first time that I had walked this far in a very, very long time.  Yesterday was a "rest" day and today the 5 block walk was repeated.  This is the return trip distance between my office and the Physical Therapy torture cave. 

When I went to my first physio, about 4 weeks ago, they took a series of measurements to assess my range of motion.  It was zilch, nada, zero. The block of wood at the end of my stick leg was pretty much immovable.

They measure the range of motion of the forwards flexing of the foot (towards the shin) beyond the 90 degree point.  My measurement really was zero – my foot was "set" at 90 degrees.

Normal range of motion of the ankle is 15 degrees beyond 90 degrees;   12 degrees is the point at which there is no limp and steps can be climbed in a normal fashion.

Today Katie got out her little measuring tool  (which looks suspiciously like something out of my school protractor set) and I managed to achieve a 6 degree movement!!   How exciting – I am half way to not limping!!

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  1. Thank you Purple… my physio is pregnant and due in March – we were having a little joke today about whether I would be "discharged" from therapy before the baby arrives. I hope so! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. That is really quite a good improvement for such a short time of torture I mean therapy that's it therapy any way if you limp the right way they might just think you got a little more swing in your hip giving the construction workers something to whistle at!I was thinking with that bit of infection you had and all your problems you were describing that you would not make it this far this fast but it is great to know you are getting better too damn bad about the weather it is not the type of to promote lots of movement in the cold!

  3. Congratulations! You're making good progress, you must be pleased. The physio torture cave is never fun, when I had to visit one I worked on the principle that the more of their horrible exercises I did at home, the quicker they would shunt me off their torture list. Sounds like you've been doing your homework too!

  4. 6 Degrees is what it's going to be here in late January! lolI lost mobility in my foot too, have 2 screws in the ankle. My leg I have 32 degrees out of 120, but can't bend it on my own. I hope ya take it easy and don't overdo it!lol@I
    am half way to not limping!!

  5. LOL – the Kevin Bacon connection was the first thing I thought of when she said the number. In a way I am glad it was 6 as that makes a much better title for the post!

  6. Thanks – yes I have been very conscientious with the stretching and homework they gave me. I really want to be active again and I don't suppose that is going to happen without some input from me – plus I really don't want to be tortured for too much longer.

  7. Ha ha LOL – I think it only gets down to 6 around here when there is a brutal wind chill. I am taking it easy this w/end – it is easy to get all excited and overdo it but I am trying to be sensible.

  8. Yay Emmy! Six degrees is a big deal! I remember how determined I was to get that dang range of motion measurement to 120 degrees for my knee, I'm not sure what normal is for that, I don't remember haha, and when I would get measured, I would push push push myself to get it to bend as far as I could. Soon you will be at normal! I can't believe you are already walking 5 blocks! Way to go gf! Normal is coming…you are doing fantastic!

  9. Thanks Karen. I was so happy to see it bigger than zero! My "walking" pace is so slow – it is funny that my brain thinks I can still walk normally – especially the first couple of steps where I almost "trip" over when my ankle doesn't bend!

  10. Thank you Caprica! I have a snazzy CVS walking stick which lets me go a bit faster than just on my own but it still feels slower than the elderly with walkers could achieve! LOL.

  11. Thank you – I was thinking about your bike rides the other day. I bought a pedal machine to use for physio at home – I think it might be awhile before my foot bends enough to ride a "real" bike!

  12. Thank you Magnifika. I feel my foot getting little "looser" each day now and can move my toes nearly as normal. I hope to be on a "real" bike when spring/summer comes around.

  13. That is such good news, after all the pain and discomfort that you've been through – on the road to recovery.

    I like the look of your green tomatoe cooking too; you're becoming a real domestic goddess!

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