Sasquatch foot


Cat had a post on footwear which turned into talk on hairy toes. 

I drew attention to my newly hairy foot.

Notice I said foot not feet.  I have always had smooth feet and toes but after 114 days in casts, under cover of darkness, my left foot grew coarse hair!!   Hopefully it will start to fall out naturally! 

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  1. Now that is a hair covered foot! I was going to shoot a photo of mine to show you how little hair I have on them, but all the burn holes and scars lets just say I would wax that one so they look alike but that is just me I hate to feel unbalanced and for some reason hair on one foot and not the other I find unbalancing! Also strange you would think with being covered no hair would grow or would be rubbed off! strange!

  2. It is quite weird. My physiotherapist thinks it grew as protection to that high point of my foot because that was where the cast rubbed. I have a sort of callous under the hair!

  3. It is strange to look at my feet together like that – I am used to them looking the same! LOL .. I like things balanced myself! My scar is looking pretty good – as much as a scar can. I have been very good with massaging vitamin E cream into it twice a day.

  4. That is what my physical therapist suggested … it was very weird to see it there when the cast came off but I had so many bigger things to worry about then – like pain, swelling and not being able to walk. LOL.

  5. Hi Sergio, No I am still going to physical training – I think for another month at least. It is a lot weaker than the other foot and also has no flexibility. But I am sure it will slowly get better.

  6. Hey – I'm good at shaving one armpit. hehehe Since chemo and radiation, nothing grows under the left arm. The draw back is, what grows on the legs and the right armpit becomes a raging forest quickly. I always warn my husband if I haven't shaved for a day or two, that he is likely to be strangled by armpit hair as he sleeps.

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