Yesterday, as I was riding through the park, I commented to the driver that it was nice to have a park in the middle of Washington DC and such a large one.

He replied:  Yeah it separates the rich from the poor.   Too tough to be draggin' stolen televisions through there.

It gave me a good laugh but it was a reminder that I live on the "wrong" side of town.


For 3 months the manservant has been there to help me into the house when I have got home from work, so during his 2 week absence my biggest fear was forgetting my keys and not being able to get into the house.  There were many mornings when I was glad to have put this reminder on my door!!

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  1. only one post it note are you showing off! That is a dozen or so post its short for me! Also love that explanation the worst part is it probably is not to far off from the truth!

  2. LOL …. at work I have many many sticky notes! The keys were the most important thing for me so they warranted a note, nothing else was quite that crucial to remember. It is funny how something like a park, a river or a railroad track can divide society.

  3. What a sense of humor the driver had…and you, living on the wrong side, to be able to laugh. LOL That is one beautiful door – and so glad the note helps remind you about the keys. I put up a note, and that's the last I see it, no matter how long it hangs.

  4. The only lock on my front door is a dead bolt. I have to have a key to lock it. Sadly, this is not the case with my studio door, but I've only managed to lock myself out of the house once this year. Fortunately, I did have my cell phone in my pocket and my sister is only a mile away (Ken was on a hunting trip at the time).

  5. Uh, how did you arrive at the theory that it is You who live on the wrong side of the park or town? Its because of the pillows isn't it? Cause I know you don't give a darn about your TV set…oh, and your door? Your daughter did it better and she didn't have the advantage of a cute little yellow sticky wicky post-it thingy! 🙂

  6. We use the same sort of note reminder system! If I need to leave a message for son I put in on the cupboard where we keep the glasses, if for husband then it goes on the cup cupbaord door. Daughters and I communicate with notes left on the bench. I also stick sticky notes on my handbag to remind me of things!

  7. This post is hilarious. I would definitely need another post-it to remind me to look at the post-it about the key. But of course, I haven't figured out where I should put that reminder of the reminder post-it yet. I might need a couple more if I really want to be safe than sorry.

  8. LOL … I have those invisible notes too! I suppose this one was way too important to forget …. we really should give a spare key to someone. It is good to be able to laugh at oneself or one's situation – stops things from getting too depressing.

  9. Yes – we really must do something about giving someone a spare key. When we lived in the apartment block we could always go to the management office if something happened but now it would be costly!

  10. LOL …. you have the most amazing memory!!!!! Yes the Princess took a much more artistic approach to the front door! She did have the advantage of pretty snow flakes though.

  11. Thank you – it is a pretty door and because this is a row house we only have front and back doors/windows so it is nice to have glass in the door for the extra light.

  12. LOL …. I had to hobble over to the door to check!! 12 months now coming in and out and I have not really noticed other than green and lead but had to check to make sure. Any red must be a reflection off the red cement of the house across the street (they have painted cement).

  13. LOL … never thought of my door as being something to be coveted! When we moved in I was not so keen on it because of the glass. I would have rather had a thick solid door with a peep-hole! Now I appreciate the light it lets in to the house – especially in winter!LOL – I still use paper and sticky tape – that's when I really want to draw attention to something so I use 8.5 x 11 size paper! – things like reminding myself to take my passport and green card with me to the airport

  14. LOL ….. even if I didn't need to remind myself of the keys, I don't think the post-it company will be going out of business soon. I even have them stuck inside my wallet!!

  15. Yes, I agree with you…speaking of which—–how are they doing? As in looking forward to an update on the princess, the economist, and the locksmith? Say, I just realized that I don't know how you tagged the locksmith's sweet squeeze. But I'd wager you've got it on a post-it somewhere…Hahaha! Good to hear from you again Emjay! 🙂

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