I was chatting to a friend on Skype at the same time as I had a chat open to the manservant who was in Australia being the astro-dweeb.    I wrote to my friend "I hope I don't get confused and tell the manservant that I bought a new pair of shoes and talk dirty to you"…

Because, while the cat's away the mouse will shop…….  my fingers had skipped through the Zappos website and bought a new pair of shoes for my sad feet.    They are sensible & sturdy walking shoes  -  I will probably never wear sexy stilettos again!

The manservant missed all the excitement of last week – both the election and the final removal of a cast – but he is back on US soil tonight (Los Angeles) – laden down with Cadbury chocolate and Mudgee honey which I will start hoeing into tomorrow night.

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  1. it is a good thing your not spoiled.. even though their nice looking as soon as you say sensible shoes and I do not believe it but comfortable their is how I have always bough my shoes that is probably why besides not having a ton of many I never owned as nice a pair of shoes as yours…. Also was not red shoes in several movie and book title???

  2. " I wrote to my friend "I hope I don't get confused and tell the manservant that I bought a new pair of shoes and talk dirty to you""
    Love the shoes!!! 🙂 Does this mean you'll pass on Jillie's shoes to me?! *hopeful* kakakkaak …

  3. Those shoes look reeeeaally comfortable and nice! As butterflyeffect started the subject on passing on shoes: If you're should go back to stilettos, and don't need those anymore… I have to wear insoles and always have to go for the sensible shoe solution.Enjoy the manservant's souvenirs!

  4. Australian cadbury tastes very different to American (which is made by Hershey's). As well as the plain dairy milk I will also have caramello and "snack" which has different flavoured fillings in their little pillows. Yum!

  5. I have actually bought a couple of pairs of barely worn ones on ebay as their sizing tends to be very consistent. They are also available duty free on Norfolk Island. Also used to be a 2nds place near my mums in Melbourne but unfortunately that has closed down. My other trick is buying kids Clarks shoes. their size 5 is equivalent to a ladies size 7. they are such good quality and so comfortable and loads cheaper than anything equivalent in an adult range.

  6. Yes. It was a darn shame when Hershey's bought Cadbury.
    You can buy Canadian Cadbury here–though I have not yet as I'm afraid they've ruined it.
    Oh, the chocolate bars with the different flavoured pillows–so good. Cannot find them anymore, either. <sob>.
    P.S. I love shoes in non-traditional colours–also comfy shoes.
    LOL in re: your answer to that cheeky sis of yours!

  7. Thanks Nikki … LOL Jillie's shoes. I'm not sure you could fit insoles into them! There seem to be some quite nice sensible shoes around now – I like all the little flats but they don't have the arch support I am going to need now.

  8. I agree about the Clarks' shoes though I never thought about buying kid's ones! I'm an 8 but I bought an 8.5 in these Keens so I could fit my brace in. I will have to go to a store and try on Kumfs to see what size I am there….. next pair of shoes.

  9. Oh, I certainly started to enjoy my stash! LOL. Poor guy lugged back kilos of chocolates and macadamia nuts! (they are native to Australia). I have some orange and some mauve shoes – they are flats without much support – but they are non-traditional colours also. I love colour – even on my feet!

  10. Fortunately kids feet getting bigger and bigger all the time so won't be long before Clarks making shoes equivalent to your size. 🙂 Does make me feel like I am regressing into childhood though! Not sure what the sales assistants think about it.

  11. Yeah – what's with kids' feet now? My daughter wears a 9.5-10 – though she is 19 now – but I don't remember kids having feet that big way back. Maybe there is some evolutionary reason ……….. The assistants are probably wishing they had small enough feet to do the same as you!

  12. Recently, my kids and I were talking about shoe sizes; how the shoes you find in the antique shops are so teeny. Vintage clothing, same thing. . Peoples' feet used to be smaller. People used to be shorter. There's a valid theory that we're all larger these days because of the hormones (given to "food animals" for the last 60 or so years) we ingest when we eat any kind of meat. Reason to go organic, right there.

  13. Hmm, Mudgee honey. Not sure what that tastes like. I had the good firtune to traipse around Newscastle, Muswellbrook, some of the vineyards in the Hunter… even had a decent Chinese meal at the Muswellbrook RSL! That was pretty special after my earlier three days in "interesting" Mt Isa.
    Didn't make it to Cobar this time.
    That whole Hunter region is rather beautiful, isn't it?

  14. Dunno, Empress….
    People are making home food less and less these days. Fewer people grow their own stuff to cook from scratch.. more fast food is part of our diet. And, the produce we buy now has way fewer nutrients than ever before because of the genetic engineering of crops. It's a tossup

  15. The Hunter region is very nice… I'm glad you were able to sample some of the local wines – probably way preferable to a traipse around Cobar! I would like to get to Mt. Isa sometime – a couple of the guys I went to school with went up there and made a fortune mining in their 20's.

  16. It is amazing when you see the shoes and clothes even just from the fifties – how much smaller they were than today's sizes. I think also, over the last few years, clothing manufacturers have changed their labelling so that we think we are smaller than we really are.

  17. Things have slowed down considerably in Isa in the past fortnight because of the credit crunch. People are starting to get laid off and contracts are being put on hold until the turnaround comes.
    Nothing special about Mt Isa, let me tell you. You can cover the whole town in 2-3 hours and that'll be that.

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