Beauty & the Beast

I followed the doctor's advice and took it easy over the weekend – I didn't leave the house further than our back courtyard.  It helped that the weather was gorgeous and that I could sit out on our deck for a couple of hours each day.  Actually, it was so nice that I was able to sit out in a tee shirt (and skirt).

I needed one crutch under my arm yesterday but today I have managed to get around without an aid.  I even went down the back steps almost normally LOL  – having to put both feet on each step as I went up and down, gripping both rails, counts as almost normal!

 My white rose still has some buds to open but the thing which attracted me to the plant today, and hence the trip down the steps, was beauty & beast together:

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  1. Now that was some good advice taking even though I know you wanted to get out there and do some ball room dancing but the sun bathing is better for you! Love both photos it is funny how things change….

  2. There were two gorgeous white roses but my memory card filled before I could photograph the other one – LOL I was not going to do the steps twice! I have 3 coloured roses but none of them have buds so I guess they are finished for the year. I hope it stays warm enough for my other white buds to open.

  3. LOL ball room dancing – that must have been in a prior life! Yeah, I was sensible because I don't want any further set backs. The sun felt good! Thank you re the photos…. next edition will be in spring LOL.

  4. The first pic is so beautiful…very nice shot Emjay:) Does white rose have a smell?The second one..yikes!! But it's a nice and unique capture because we usually take photos of beautiful flower only.

  5. Yeah … it's like a huge thing to be able to do the steps. I feel like I am 3 years old and being allowed to walk down them the first time by myself as long as I hold on! LOL.

  6. The white roses have been really beautiful and as you say even the one has some beauty (in a spooky kind of way!). I had some major surgery to my foot and was in a cast for 114 days ……

  7. If I had been "walking" before now there wouldn't be the dead rose to photograph – I was pretty quick to dead head the spent blooms when I was walking. Much colder today!!!! Double sweater day!

  8. Hi there – you would notice the improvement more than most! Thank you re the photo – it was late in the afternoon when I took the photo. The sun sets here at 5pm now! No harsh summer sunlight LOL.

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