It’s free …. almost!


Today,  after One hundred and fourteen  (114) days …..   that's 16.285 weeks,

my foot was freed  -…………..  almost!

This is my latest footwear accessory:  An ankle brace which I will wear for 6 weeks.  I will have to wear joggers to work – though obviously I won't be jogging anywhere for some time:

But tonight, when I got home from the Doctor's,  just for a short time, it was really wonderful to free the foot and "slip" it into the gorgeous shoes Jillie  painted for me – I'm looking forward to actually walking in them one day:


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  1. LOL – look how much more swollen that left ankle & foot is! It feels really weird to be back in a jogger even if I have the brace on – it feels weird not to have that "sled" of the airboot! Wine & chocolates tonight! πŸ™‚

  2. Yeah, I have a spot on the top of my foot where the skin feels really rough…like its worn off from being in the cast so long. My foot is still pudgie looking at my 3 week anniversary! At least my arch finally came back. I think I will do the same tonight as you! I have some good dark chocolate hidden away so that the kiddies can't find it!

  3. I have really high arches so I didn't lose my arch but I do have a bump on the top of my foot from the casts and one on one of my toes too. LOL – the only person I have to hide chocolate from is myself!

  4. Thank you – yes it is still quite puffy. I intend to go slow … a few steps and a big rest, a few more steps and a longer rest – all weekend. The temptation is there to "try it out" but I will be sensible – it took too long to get here.

  5. I was starting to think I was never going to see my foot flat on the ground again! We didn't have any champagne! 😦 so had to make do with a good red and the choccies! I will be sure to have the champagne chilling for the brace removal!

  6. This has to be a milestone for you – being able to slip that foot into a pair of shoes finally! And to be tied to an ankle brace for a bit. You've come a long way baby – and it won't be long til you'll be jogging in the sweats!

  7. All I could think of when I saw the photos is they did not mess it up and you did not end up with two of the same foot…Ok that is enough of my silly humor but it looks good especially in those painted shoe/slippers! It gets easier and you get better control between brain and nerve damaged places, but today after all my running around I still end up getting those pains like today through my knees that you probably have felt from the nerve damage a sharp pain from the inside out! So overdoing it is not good but it dose get better and some people skip better and go back to normal hope that is you too!

  8. Ohhhhh! I love-loVE-LOVE the shoes, Jillie! What incentive to mend up quickly, eh, Emjay? I do have to mention, I dig the black and green sneaks in the second picture, too, though. Congrats on your new freedoms, looks like they're coming one step at a time…(pun intended). πŸ˜‰

  9. Thank you Gina – it felt a little weird trying to get that left foot into the shoe – the range of motion is pitiful and it really didn't want to point downwards to go under the strap (which doesn't undo). But, you are right, I have come a very long way from when this all started and it won't be long now before I am past all this.

  10. I am so incredibly excited for you! What wonderful news! Hooray! How much physio do you need to keep doing? YAY, YOU!!! You'll be walking in regular shoes just in time for icy sidewalk season! πŸ˜‰

  11. LOL – I'm glad that didn't happen to my feet!! I'm looking forward to the day my brain sends the message all the way to the end of the line! Yeah, the nerve pains can be intense – I'm still on medication for them – I also get a very unpleasant sort of crawling feeling under the 'dead" bit of my foot – it's not painful it is just makes me feel queasy.

  12. Thank you Purple – I hope the 6 weeks fly – they might actually be the slowest ones because I am so eager for it all to be over. My foot feels a bit like someone who has been locked away and then let out of the dungeon – it feels a little unsure of the new "freedom".

  13. Thank you – I love my Nike Slats – they are really comfy and cool in summer – and now I see that they are wide enough to accommodate a brace as well. LOL your pun! πŸ™‚

  14. Thanks Karen – as I just said to Sergio – it is not really "walking" but it is a huge boost mentally to be back in a jogger even if I have to have the brace on and walk with the crutch/walking stick for a bit. It was very sore this morning but I massaged it and then put an ice pack on it – and downed some main meds! (LOL) Now I am just taking it easy on the couch with my laptop.

  15. LOL!! I thought of what you said about the glitter and thought about putting a towel down – but then I thought "oh bugger it" I've been waiting too long to get a shoe of any sort on the foot who cares about the carpet. Actually, there was more on my hand than the floor…… πŸ™‚

  16. Thank you Kate. LOL – that's exactly what I thought about the timing in coming out of the brace….. I feel like I should buy a pair of those "ice grip" things you can just attach to the bottom of your shoes! I will be walking very gingerly.I think I have months and months of physio to go. My first note from the doctor said "go slow" – so I have had 3 weeks of massage and trying to make movements (pitiful!). Yesterday he wrote a new note that has stretching, bands and iso – so I am still not going to be doing the really heavy duty physio. I go back to him in 3 weeks time when he will write another note upping it to resistance and weight bearing if I am going ok.

  17. yes it is an annoyance you just cant describe it is not really painful but feels like ants crawling under your skin or twitching under the skin and it is a maddening, annoying, insufferable think that drives one more off the deep end then if someone had hit you with a hammer that would be something easily handled, pain ok and never ending annoyance will drive you mad………. Hang in there soon your brain will tell your foot and you will be kicking ass in no time!

  18. Thank you Ilya…. I am looking forward to walking normally – I am doing all the exercises on my foot to help me do that, I will be in those shoes before winter has finished.

  19. Congratulations! It's about time for your poor foot. Some real pampering time is waiting for that poor foot, I hope. I love those shoes on you. It's just really sweet to see how people CAN care about each other, even strangers. It's all good! πŸ™‚

  20. Thank you. Yes – it gives confidence in the human race to discover such kindness from strangers. And, actually I must also count and thank all the voxers who have followed my sorry saga and who have been extremely encouraging.

  21. Thanks Caprica … there is still a lot of swelling around the ankle bone – I can't actually see that I have a bone there at the moment. The physio lady told me that it could take up to 12 months for the swelling to go down. She suggested wearing a compression stocking to see if it makes any difference – by the end of the day now, I have marks from my socks ingrained in my leg! (and they are not tight socks!)

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