Aqua- therapy


I've been pretty good with actually doing my "aqua-therapy"  bath-tub style.  Sitting in the hot water eventually loosens up the foot enough so that it can move backwards and forwards.  

My brain sends it a "move now" message and that should be that.
My eyes tell me that my foot is barely moving.    LOL….   then my brain tells me to ignore my foot and enjoy the bubbles!! 

I took this photo somewhere around Alice Springs in NT,  Australia.

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  1. Thanks re the photo – I am trying to find excuses to post my Australian photos! The warm water in the bathtub helps to make it more flexible as it loosens the joints & tendons and that lessens the pain. It is still a really weird feeling when the tendons move – it's a sort of queasy feeling.

  2. Thank you. It is certainly more relaxing in my bathtub than it would be in a public pool! LOL. I think I am supposed to be "working" it a bit harder than I am though! 🙂

  3. Glad to hear the bath therapy seems to be doing some good – if nothing else, giving you some relaxing time in a warm bath. I'm sure you are supposed to be working it harder than you are…hehehe…but what they don't know won't hurt them. Love the picture.

  4. Lovely photo it looks like a place one would like to sit and visit for a long time! Relaxing! now for your post Its off sounds like you just got off something that was stuck on your body or like you had a pair of rare replaceable handcuffs or leg irons on and they finally found the key…. as for your foot and water exercises if you have any nerve damage down there it should be a while as well as funny in the pathetic I want to scream why is it not moving at my command type funny! slowly you will gain it back so remember Patience is a virtue, just not one I hold when it comes to waiting to heal!

  5. Thank you re the photo – it seems strange that it was right in the middle of the desert! Yes – I still have quite a big "dead" patch on my foot. They have me doing some de-sensitization – rolling different types of materials across my foot, like feathers, silk, wool, up to something that feels like steelwool. It is a little frustrating to know that the brain is telling it to do something and it is not obeying! LOL.

  6. Thank you… I was looking through my Australian photos and came across it and realised it suited my post. I have so many lovely Oz photos that I will have to blog for years to use them up! LOL.

  7. GORGEOUS MARVELOUS picture!!!!Oooo that therapy sounds neat. I totally get the brain/muscle disconnect.I have some body parts that don't connect to my brain very well since spinal nerve damage– I'm hoping that you'll be back to normal soon!!!!!!

  8. Thank you re the photo – it is a very tranquil pool. The disconnect between brain and action is really weird isn't it? It is also very strange to touch a "dead" area on my foot and have pain shoot out my toes!! It makes me laugh when I tell people that, but it isn't really funny! LOL.

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