Tuesday things….

My assistant rang me early this morning to say that there was nowhere closer than 2 miles from her polling place to park and that the line was 3 blocks long – and that was still nearly an hour before the poll opened.  At that rate she estimated she would not be at work until lunch time.   As I had PT (physio) first thing this morning I told her I would let her go at 2.30pm today so she could vote on the way home.  I do expect to see an "I voted" sticker tomorrow or I will assume she spent the afternoon in the movies!  

In my PT waiting room there is a very large sign asking people to Please Turn off Cell Phones.  My quiet reading time was interrupted when the phone of a guy sitting absolutely dead opposite this sign went off with some really hideous ring tone. 

He answered in a really loud voice and began giving advice to someone about online dating sites.  As his conversation progressed I started hoping that they would not call me in for my session until he had finished his conversation!   Apparently he joined eHarmony after discovering that whatever previous one he was a member of was full of conservative, Christian women!  (I nearly laughed out loud ).  He was unbelievably sexist.  He began discussing some friend of his who met a woman, named Lea,  he said "he told Lea that if she wanted to have a relationship with him then she had to obey his rules.  So far she has been very obedient". (now I've gone from wanting to laugh to wanting to slap him).  

He told his caller that his fiancee was having PT for "something stupid she has done".

When the poor woman came out at the end of her session I wanted to shout at her to run away.  This guy was no catch in the looks, manners or any other department that I could see.


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  1. Hope the PT went smoothly. Can't imagine it was comfortable after so many months of not using the limb. What a boor. I hate people who cannot turn off their cells … they must figure they ar emore important than any one else.

  2. Should I say some guys are very able to lower your expectations of their inelegance and of all males ability of being nothing but jerks! what an idiot but it sounds like there is no hope for him! Plus I hate these people who are at the hospital and other places where they have the big photo on shutting off your cell phone! but I guess that was just too important of a call to miss!

  3. LOL … a supercilious jerk at that – telling his caller how successful he had been! I'll bet he set up a lot of first dates and the women never went for a second one. The PT has been okay because I am not weight bearing yet so I get to lie on the table and try to make my foot do shapes and wave LOL. It is amazing though, how my brain thinks I am doing it but my eyes see that my foot is not!!

  4. Ha ha ha …. did I go out with your ex-husbands? LOL. I have met guys like this – they have an "expanded" view of their attractiveness which does not reflect the truth. My "gimp" is still a big gimp…. more the ugly sister than Cinderella! I met a young girl there who was still on crutches and she asked if I felt like a monster walking in the boot!! LOL – I told her I was just pleased to be "walking".

  5. LOL Sergio – some things should stay private I think. The PT has been pretty easy so far because I have not been allowed to put my foot on the ground yet. Next week the really hard and probably painful work starts!

  6. I think this guy thought he was more attractive than anyone else! LOL. He did throw the big M (money) impression around a bit too – allegedly he owns some fabulous boat; allegedly he is taking the "bride" on some fabulous globetrotting honeymoon. I was the only other person in the waiting room but I did manage to catch the eye of the girl behind the desk a couple of times and we did the eye-rolling "thing".

  7. Oh – yes he told his caller that he meet her on eHarmony – I think that's why he was recommending the site. I hope the lady didn't just settle for him – I think she could do better (say I who doesn't know either of them! LOL). I am basing that on appearance only. (like choosing a book by its cover – not always reliable!).

  8. It was more astounding because he was sitting absolutely opposite the sign – and it's a huge sign!! I heard the girl behind the desk say "excuse me sir…" at one stage, but he could only hear his own "important" voice!

  9. Ha ha ha… LOL. If they had called me in I might've missed something!! Once I was riding the Metro and these two women were having a fascinating conversation, in loud voices, right over the top of me. When it got near my station I realised that I was not going to hear the end of the story and I was really tempted to say "how does this end?" LOL. Yes, I'm a sticky beak!

  10. Aaaarrgghh, that would have really hacked me off too!
    I once had a rep in at work and during our meeting, his mobile went off repeatedly.. rthe ring tone was Road to Amarillo *shock* For those non-UK amongst us, that was an incredibly irritating song just a few years ago.

    …I showed him the door.

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