The Cat(‘s son) came back …

Cat's son came back – again…  it's a bit like that rhyme about the Cat coming back no matter what you do to it. 

Lloyd and his friend were going to the opening game of the Wizards (basketball) tonight so an early dinner was needed and he decided to get fish and chips from our local fish shop.  Based on his previous visits here he was expecting to be accosted by the homeless or drug dealers but instead he was approached by a transvestite in the fish shop. 
"She" asked him "has anyone ever told you that you are very handsome"…     being ever polite he responded "uh, no, but thank you"   as he thought about the incongruity of where his aunt lives!

The manservant is waiting up for them to get home from the game.  The same poor manservant will also be up before 5am tomorrow to let them out of the house for the Super Shuttle pick up to the airport.

Thank goodness my foot is not well enough!

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  1. do I detect a little bit of enjoyment to have a servant at your beckoning call!? allowing you the simple pleasures and leasures you didn't get as the oldest kid in the family! Remember to suck it up as long as you can! if I had the cash I would send your "man servant" a french maid outfit for you to wear when you get better so he can indulge and have you bring him his robe and slippers after a hard day at work! or he could just look at it an imagine it..He He He! Have fun you!

  2. I'm sure I've told him he is handsome – or doesn't it count when your mother tells you that? Our little hometown just isn't going to seem very interesting for him anymore is it.

  3. I would milk it for as long as you can…All that will be waiting for you later! Enjoy your time now! I'm back to normal, and not being waited on! Oh…he did make me lunch today! Ha, Ha!

  4. I am looking forward to being back to "normal" even if I do have to do all the chores again. It's funny to be looking forward to housework! LOL – that won't last long once I start doing it!

  5. LOL …. it's like a bad penny!! He is a really nice kid though. Cat has done a good job in bringing him up – he is respectful, helpful and has manners! Pretty good for an 18 year old.

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